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    Hey everyone.. I thought I'd share something that I still use over 10yrs later that really helps me calm down.. If you try this technique, make sure you do it as explained or it won't work at all.

    1) either go outside or get near a window that can see the sky but not the sun.
    2)find a comfortable place to either sit or lay down.. I prefer laying down.
    3)look up at the sky but away from the sun, if you look directly at the sun this won't work at all. Believe me I should know.
    4)gently close your eyes like you were sleeping but don't hold them tight. If you do again, this won't work at all.
    5)Depending on what color you see, one of the three you should see being Red, Green or Blue. Now pay attention to what color you see, because they all have their own importance.
    6)Colors mean the following, Red means you're upset, Green means you're beginning to calm down, Blue means you're totally relaxed.

    Now it may take some time originally to go from Red to Green to Blue. But once you get good at it, it may only take a matter of minutes to go from all Red to all Blue.

    Now like I said, I learned this over 10 yrs ago, and i still use it today. So give it a try if you want. See if it helps.

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    That is very interesting, I am thankful that you are sharing this. I'll try it out at work a few times and let you know how it turned out.

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