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Thread: Obsessive Shopping/Sanity Check

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    Default Obsessive Shopping/Sanity Check

    Hi Everyone, this is my first initial post, so I am opening up a little more than normal (for me). I hope this isn't one of those long winded boring posts.

    I am not generally the obsessive type, but since I committed to 24/7 nearly 5 months ago. I spend a considerable amount of my spare time viewing and shopping for supplies. It has been the best 5 months I can remember, and it is likely because I have accepted who I am and what I want to do. I make my rounds every other day to all of the sites that carry adult diapering products. To say I am little over stocked is an understatement. I have many interests, including flying, traveling, a work-a-holic, a very mild social drinker, but I keep my DL side of me to myself.

    One week I find a plastic pant, and then decided I should have enough to last several days without washing. A week later, I find something else that looks a little better, and order 6 more. I think I have purchased most every brand plastic pant snap-on/pull-on, soft/quiet, to the crinkliest you can buy.

    I have every diaper accessory made, from pins, baby powder, ointments, diaper pails, (one for disposables, and the other for night cloth and plastic pants). I am totally thrilled that I have accepted and acknowledged my DL side, and doing everything I can to support it without flaunting it (my doctor knows about what I called a minor incontinence problem). I did not mention that it is emotional incontinence

    I was stuck on AIO diapers for a while, and I thought they where god's gift to the diaper community. That was until I tried ACD pre-fold night time cloth diapers and pins ( a dozen of medium), and then another dozen of small so I could wear them during the day under my jeans (not visible). Then a new collection of plastic pants. I even waited 6 weeks to get the a special order from Then switched to disposables. Of course, I have to by everything available to make sure that I have the best fit and protection level (to prevent detection at all costs). Then I started ordering Bambino disposables. I have almost as much fun buying new stuff as I do wearing them.

    I know what I am doing is not wrong, in fact it is great therapy for me, and I have a much better person since I made the commitment. I know everyone is different, and is a good thing right? I'm just curious if I am the only one that enjoys the shopping and receiving new stuff in the mail?

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    Nope, I am right there with you. I, too feel that this is great therapy for me.

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    I used to wonder about that too. I guess the main thing to keep in mind is whether it effects you negatively (ie: spending money you needed for something else, shopping so much that it takes away from your personal or work life, etc). If the answer is no, then it is just a hobby I wouldnt think it is different than someone who collects baseball cards.

    I love the shopping part too. I always feel a little excitement when I find a new diaper or other item I hadnt seen before. I am on kind of an informal quest to try every diaper out there. There are so many!!!

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    I always enjoy buying new diapers or plastic pants, but I don't do it that often. I do want some more training pants from Baby Pants and a pair of shortalls. There's always something new out there!

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    You didn't really ask a question, but as someone who has a serious obsessive shopping problem (I'm not joking; it has destroyed my life), I do see some warning signs in what you wrote. Needing to buy several of something rather than just one, needing all of the accessories and having to have the best. Escalation. Having to check in daily, and getting more pleasure out of making the purchase than of actually owning/using the item.

    Maybe you're joking or exaggerating to make a point. If not maybe you're able to keep it under control, if so then good for you. If not - well, I'm actually in the process of seeking professional help. (sorry for being such a downer).

    FYI this has nothing to do with diapers. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying and using diapers - provided they're not controlling your life.

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    I agree with not letting them control you. Sometimes I get into that same mode where I just buy too many diaper cases. I've let it kind of slow down a bit. Kind of limiting myself to buying a new case until I used up at least one case. I wear 24/7 for a while every so often, kind of at that period again for a bit. I didn't really start developing this habit until the 24/7 decision. Just be careful that you don't let it impact your finances too much and/or make you have so many diapers that people ask you where'd all these boxes come from and what's inside?

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    I always love ordering new things and getting them in the mail ^_^ its one of those things that makes my week exciting when its just a normal work week. But control is important, especially since Im married and live on my own, though often times i'll ask my SO if we have the funds for me to buy a new thing. Theres nothing wrong with overstocking as long as you arent burning a hole in your bank account >_<

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    I went through a phase where I ordered more than I should have off Amazon. Only used a debit card, not credit, so it's not as though I was spending money I didn't have. I've been getting a real bad itch lately to buy more and more diapers. I still get a rush from buying them in person. I have to be careful or i'll end up with a ridiculous stash for the limited time I get to wear. Shopping, diapers, drinking, what ever your vice, its always a slippery slope. Exercise healthy self control. No binging and purging.

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    I love the rush of buying them in person as well, its nothing like the rush of buying online. Unfortunately, all the local diapers I can get from stores suck. I've tried to make the stand that I will not buy cheap diapers on or offline that can't hold up to at least 4 hours of wearing without using the potty. If I'm going to spend money on diapers, it had better be on the good stuff that I can wear when I do my periods of 24/7 wearings. I get a tiny bit of rush though from buying offline other supplies while being diapered like baby wipes, powder, diaper creme, etc.

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    I do enjoy shopping but not to a point where it impacts my budget.
    I am very fortunate in that department
    There is definitely a line between need and want, and as long as my wants don't obstruct my needs, I will be fine.
    However, since my last post, I have purchased plastic pants from Protex (great product and service), plastic sure that is still their name), and babyKins (another great company to work with). They are all great products from a DL perspective.

    I am in search of the perfect products for day and night now that I am 24/7 (almost 5 months).

    Now that I have a taste of 24/7 I am finding some products are perfect at night, but not good for daytime.
    My latest purchase of Abena M4 with cloth backing is not noisy and works great. However, I do miss the crinkle from a Bambino and I will probably end up going back to them.

    I was beginning to think my post too off topic, thanks for your input.

    Shop to ya drop!

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