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    Default Hi from Australia

    Hi everybody,
    I guess I should introduce myself, I'm from Australia in case you hadn't guessed from the title and probably describe myself as more of a diaper lover than an adult baby.
    I have been wearing diapers on and off from about 14 ( first time I got the courage to buy them myself)
    My other interests include computer games, horse riding and fishing.
    I'm a tradesman so not very practical to wear diapers at work as much as I'd love to. Looking forward to reading and participating in other threads on here.

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    Welcome to ADISC! I also describe myself as more like a DL than an AB, but I do have slight AB tendencies. We are a mixed bunch here. Whats the diaper scene like in Australia? Good variety of diapers? Here in the UK it is very difficult to buy decent diapers in regular shops.

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    A very very big welcome to the greatest site on computers.have fun

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    Diaper supplies not bad in oz as long as you go to medical supply stores, good range of Tena, molicare and abriform. They are the main three I use but there are plenty of other brands available.

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    Hi there mate. Lookie, it's a dl convention I'm another one.Welcome to the club.

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    welcome here also. I am a ab/dl in Melbourne with a large group of friends here.

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