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    I've been a DL for quite awhile but during that time, I've always stuck to cloth-type diapers. I've always preferred being discrete and cautious when dealing with this particular interest and, as a result, have never gone to a store (or online) and bought disposables.

    But that will all change in a few years when I finally graduate from college and find the funds to move out of my parents' house. You know, get some space, privacy, and set myself up as being independent at long last.

    As such, I figured I'd start looking through the various brands, types, capacities, and designs of disposables diapers. After doing this for awhile, I've narrowed my search down to a few particular candidates. But I lack personal reviews of said products and I decided I'd ask a group of people with some experience in these matters.

    Thus, what are your recommendations for a first-time disposable purchase? I've enjoyed the bulk of cloth, and that's not something I'd like to give up. But I'll also need a more...discrete diaper as well for public wear, perhaps a pull-up style diaper.

    Thank you in advance for any help you're able to give.

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    In terms of first time, pull-up, and discrete Goodnites are a good start - they won't hold a lot but the XLs will accommodate a surprising girth, 34" give or take. The Articles section has a lot of good diaper reviews as well

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    I just PM'd someone about this same topic, so excuse me for being lazy but I'm going to copy and paste what I said here. lol

    Bambinos are probably the best bang for your buck. They have some cool prints and the medium fits me almost perfectly at a size 32" waist. Plus they hold a LOT and I've never had one leak on me (although I don't flood my diapers that often). They can be a little pricey and some people are worried about putting all their contact info on their site, but I haven't had any problems with them. They also have a lot of SAP gel which means they swell up a bunch when they get soaked, but the feeling is kinda odd to me. When it's wet, it doesn't really feel wet, which is kind of what I enjoy. It just feels warm, swollen and moist. It's worth noting that I've only tried the bambino bellissimos so don't ask em about the others.

    Molicaires are a purple diaper that's made with wood pulp. They soak a lot but still have that nice wet diaper feel when you use them. Swelling isn't too bad with the wood pulp, but I sort of prefer that. Molicaire is pretty much a medical diaper, but there's no designs on it that make it look medical. It's just a light purple color and that's about it. Probably one of my favorite diapers next to Abena. The problem with Abena though is that they have these designs on them that scream medical. Not very childish, but a great all around diaper.

    Abena's are my go-to diaper if I'm looking for quality and cost effectiveness. They come in 3 sizes: 2, 3 and 4. They may have a number 1, but I've never seen it. So since I wear a size medium, if I wanted the thickest Abena, I would get the 4, which would be called an M4 (if it was large it would be L4) while the least absorbent is the M2. I like M3's because they're a fairly skinny diaper that still holds a reasonable amount, which makes them good for wearing out and about. But the M2's aren't bad if you don't wet them very much. The M4's are definitely where the quality is at though and can hold a lot. Definitely some top notch diapers.

    If you're looking for 'play' diapers (meaning you're more concerned with the look and feel than the quality) then I'd recommend AB universe. They have some old pampers replica diapers as well as their own brand called Cushies. Both are plastic backed and have a single tape which makes them feel really babyish. But the single tape can cause leaks if it's not put on right. They're still good diapers to use though and I haven't had any problems with leaking, but again I don't flood them.

    Fabines are by far my favorite printed diaper, but I've never used them. They are SUPER expensive European diapers and I've heard the quality isn't worth the price. But I can't help dreaming of wearing that diaper someday just for the print alone.

    There are lots of articles and reviews on this site with diaper reviews if you have time to go investigate a bit. They can show you a lot of diapers that I haven't tried and give you a nice idea of what's out there for us to buy. Just takes some research, trial and error.

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    Tena Slip Maxi: The best in terms of value IMO. I know I read here that they're not going to be around much longer (which is why I have about 69 left or so). They fit nicely under normal clothing and they look good for being sort of a medical diaper. It looks a little feminine too by comparison to other diapers, if you are into that. The other Tena Slips have a similar feeling but the Maxi is the best if you are after absorbency.

    Abena: These are good, but I hate the design. It is very unattractive to me. They are about the same as Bambino diapers in terms of absorbency.

    Attends: Don't even bother if you ask me. It is nice that these are very thin and can therefore fit under any clothing but they don't hold anything and they leak too easily.

    Bambino Teddy/Classico: Fun. Good absorbency. Fits just barely under normal clothes. Good value too.

    Bambino Bellisimo: Only tried 2 of these. Very similar to Teddy but the bulge in the front as you wet is much more apparent. Some may like that.

    AB Universe: Fun, but not very good absorbency. Single tape if you like that (I don't tend to because it means less absorbency almost always). Option to add a 'pampers smell', which I have done, and it isn't that great. Having about 8 of these (out of the 10 pack I bought a while ago), these are least worn probably. They are smaller so they can fit under clothing. I can't say I really like the design more than I like Bambino Teddy/Classico or even Bellisimo.

    Cuddlz: Similar to AB Universe. Single tape. Design is not as good as the others such as Fabine or ABU. Hard to get.

    Total Dry 24/7: Too medical-ish for me. Design is boring. Very functional though. Not fun for sleeping on the side with while wearing. It is the best next to Fabine for absorbency.

    Fabine Exclusiv: The best in terms of absorbency by far. VERY thick. I don't think you can hide these at all. And that seems intentional. I have tried one so far out of 7 (8 pack is around $50 altogether). Very interesting design. Since these are so expensive, I kind of have to consider when I wear them. They are pretty neat but also hard to get. So it's like 'hold out, just wear another Tena for today', but they are very tempting.

    One thing to note about Fabine: Company seems odd as it will only allow very few distributors of the product (which means I risk getting sued if I was trying to sell a large quantity on eBay without being a distributor with them).

    None of the diapers I mentioned really give you a wet feeling after you wet. They absorb pretty quick and then you just feel coldness and your skin inside the diaper just gets dry the longer you wear it.

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    Thanks for the comprehensive review, Mr Carter. I choose my diapers for performance, with leaks being the most important consideration. The best performing diaper against leaks, over time, is the Dry 24/7. Abena's premium diapers are next best for this performance attribute. With the recent halt in production of the 24/7 I went back to Abena, but have bought and tried the Bambino diapers. No leaks so far, but have only used a dozen or so - too small a sample for any test.

    Thanks especially for the review of the Fabine diapers. I'm going to buy an 8-pack, just for the heck of it - that price is prohibitive for long-term use.

    I'd suggest to Realider that he define what he wants or needs from a diaper in terms of looks/appeal, performance, comfort, price, etc. Or just have some fun trying different diapers, that would be my suggestion. Over the years I've tried nearly every diaper available, I think. I've found those which fit my needs this way.

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    Thank you all for the prompt replies. This has all been very helpful in my search.

    As for your suggestion, PFD, here's a list:
    Looks: Not particularly important. I'm a rather private person when it comes to personal matters such as this and will almost always be wearing something over the diaper (in private) to aid in my discretion.
    Performance: This is probably the second most important trait. A 'good' diaper, for me, would need to have the capacity to hold several uses over an extended period of time when I'm in public. Private use isn't quite as demanding, but leaks are preferable to avoid.
    Comfort: Not quite as important, perhaps third on the list. If this is concerned with fit, I'd like them to fit snugly.
    Price: The most important part of this decision. The phrase 'you get what you pay for' applies here in most cases, I believe. But I'd rather like to indulge myself with quality without breaking the bank, contradictory though it may be.

    Again, thank you all for your replies.

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    Theres a lot of diaper vendor that give out sample packs, despite your aversion to online ordering most offer discreet shipping; once you move out that could be a great option.

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    as for price, i like the first quality plastic backed briefs. the mediums are all white and fit fairly high on the waist and have a nice fit at the crotch. the only drawback is the absorbency. using 2 at once is mandatory because of this.

    First Quality Adult Diapers w/Tapes

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