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    OK so, S.O. was trying to accept my ABDL side by having me wear diapers he got from another resident (too small for this resident, but fit me nicely) but all of a sudden I got stressed out yesterday and blabbed to staff about the diapers. Still have them, wore one to bed last night but I was further stressed out by the fact that I had told, so it was very difficult to just lie in bed and relax and enjoy the diaper. And I cant risk wetting the diaper because I KNOW I will be in veeeeeery deep trouble if a wet diaper is found in my trash can. Not being able to use the diaper due to fear makes it almost pointless to even wear it. Do you guys have any suggestions? These diapers came to me by accident...

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    Why would you get in trouble about diapers in the trash can? Why are they searching your trash? I would not live somewhere like that. If you have a dumpster, how would they know it is your trash?

    Also, even if they are searching in a somewhat 'reasonable' way, as in a quick look, you should use black trash bags to ensure nothing can be seen from just that sort of look. This is what I do just to ensure. For bags that say things like 'diaper' or the bags that disposables come in, etc, the black trash bags come in handy. For one Tena box I received (when you buy bulk Tena Maxi Slips), I actually cut it up completely so it would be indiscernible. But maybe that's just my extreme paranoia kicking in.

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    Well, that quick look might be all they need to find it, unless it's cleverly hidden by something ahead of time. When I threw my first paci away, the housekeeper was like, "Oh I found a soother in your trash." If they happen to see something odd, they BLAB. Grrr...I hate the lack of privacy in facilities like mine.

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    What kind of place is it you live? Seems pretty crazy to me...

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    ...especially considering what could amount to stolen diapers if the other resident has need for them

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    Guys...ZE GIG, SHE IS UP. I've been caught. The staff knows, the resident we took the diapers from knows *checks backpack* AND HOLY COW, THE STOLEN DIAPERS ARE STILL IN MY BAG. I'm surprised my room hasn't been searched to recover them. But yeah. I was so mad at S.O. for taking them from the other resident. I also wish he had never tried to help me. If it had my way, I would have gathered the necessary supplies, then gone to the store, bought some Pampers and had fun. I didn't want adult products. And if I had gotten my own, if I were to get caught, I would have been the only one to get in trouble. But because he got them for me (and by stealing to boot), S.O. is in trouble as well. I'm surprised that it looks like I'm not going to get kicked out.
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