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Thread: What a great night!

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    Default What a great night!

    I posted a blog earlier this year about my grandmother knowing about me being a diaper lover and being totally OK with it. Tonight the conversation came up about me wearing diapers and i told her about me nearly walking through the house in just a t-shirt and my diaper this morning because I slept that way because I got hot last night. She told me that I don't need to worry about what she will think of me because she loves me and she doesn't care how I am dressed as long as its just us at the house. FYI: My mom is gone for the weekend on a trip. Later on I walked in the living room only wearing my shirt and diaper and asked if she was really OK with me walking around like that and she told me that she is completely OK with it, that if I want to walk around like that, that's fine. After she assured me that it is OK, I have walked around like that for the last few hours. This has to be the best night I've had being a diaper lover. Now my only wish is that my mom would be this understanding if I ever have to tell her.

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    Your lucky you got an understanding grandmother. I'm glad that she respects you and hopefully you respect her.

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    I wish I could walk around in just a t-shirt and diaper all the time. Congrats on your great night.

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    nice, idk how my parents would react but i know my grandma would most likely be cool with me wearing, although just a diaper on around the house would be like walking around in my underwear and not soo cool. i live with my bf though by ourselves so i do what i want and hes fine.

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    I know how it feels. I often am in just a diaper and a t-shirt at night, in bed with my wife. It does feel great.

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    Wish I could be so liberal with my wearing. Even if people would be accepting I keep this very private. My grandma would think it very strange but a bit cute if I did it around her but I never would. I'm trying to show her that I'm growing up not down lol. I'm glad you have such an understanding grandma though OP.

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    I have been walking around in nothing but my diaper pretty much all day. I just got out of the shower. and about to diaper back up for bed. I could not do this before. It feels so great.

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    WEIRD . I dont get this whole walk around family in a diaper thing. I can understand maybe at another AB/DL house / fetish party but I really just wonder how many of these posts are trollish in nature.

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    Very nice, glad to hear you had an open night. Sometimes when you are starving for a little diaper attention, it is nice to get an unbiased acknowledgement.

    Just a little jealous!, well may be more than a little!

    My best!

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    I am a little surprised because the older generation is stereotyped to be the more conservative generation of discipline and tough love , well it is in my family anyway .

    But if you have a grandma that is understanding about an obscure desire - you are one lucky grandson !

    Good times in the pipelines !!

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