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    I've always been wanting a binky from PacifiersRUs, except I don't really hold on to my money well. I've been saving up and would like to buy one, but there is just one problem: I'm moving over to my dad's apartment across the country and he is very nosy. I grew up with him going into my room and searching everything "for my safety". Nothing was private around him which made having pacifiers hard.

    But I did see a video and I will be getting one side of the one room apartment and one of the two closest. I'll be there for a couple years as the job market where he lives is wide open and with two jobs making $10/hr each, it'll be in no time until I will be able to afford my own place. I'm just hoping that since I am 18 now and will only be relying on my parents for a place to stay (all money, finances, transportation, food, everything else will be on me, also part of the rent.) So I don't know if he will respect my privacy since I am an adult now, but I doubt it. So I don't know if I should go with it or wait a couple years?

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    Sounds rather risky, especially if you think he still won't respect your privacy.

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    I would wait until you get your own place. That way you'll have total privacy.

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    Get yourself a P.O. Box or see if PaciRUs has an option where you can have it shipped to a nearby fedex or ups location for pick up. Though to be honest I would just order from baby-pants or amazon since pacifiers r us is crazy expensive.

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    I agree with Emily. A PO box can be very cheap in most areas. Because I plan on keeping mine for a while I paid $40 for mine but I could have got it for $15 for three months. No one will ever know

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    A lockbox is always good too. Or a safe. Chances are your dad would freak the hell out if there was something he couldn't get his nose into, but unless he's confrontational, I'd tell him straight up to respect my privacy. Tell him he can look anywhere else in the room since he's doing that anyway, but the safe/lockbox is off limits. Just my personal opinion.

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