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Thread: Sensi nappies supplier in New Zealand

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    Default Sensi nappies supplier in New Zealand

    Hi there, i have come across a supplier of sensi diapers here in New Zealand, ( Just wondering if any other kiwis have ordered these?

    Has anyone got a review or information about sensi. i would like to know if they cloth or plastic backed. I haven't been able to find much information about them yet.

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    well i might try get a pack, they only about $10 for 10 which isn't too bad, not sure how much shipping will cost

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    They do seem oddly cheap. Maybe write a review if/when you get a pack.

    Oh, and I don't think I have seen you around. Good to see another Kiwi.

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    I going away soon, so probably try and get a back next month, I definitely write a review when i get hold of them. I do love trying different brands and types diapers

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    We get them in Vietnam now. They're very thin and contain mostly gel like substance. The plastic is really thick and they hold wetness surprisingly well for such a thin diaper. I'd recommend for medium day/night usage. To be honest they seem to seal really well and I'd say are better than some other major brands like Abri Form for not leaking or sagging up until they really start to fill.

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