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Thread: Cartoon Diapers and avatars?

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    Question Cartoon Diapers and avatars?

    So recently someone removed me on steam because he said he hated my openness with diapers."Now keep in my I do not talk to random people about diapers. I rarely even talk to my own kind about diapers because I would like to have other common interest first before we become friends."He then went on to say that because it was a fetish I should not ever show anything. I tried to explain to him how wearing diapers doesn't mean its a fetish. You can like to wear diapers just like you like to wear underwear.He did not take what I said into consideration and said that it was still a fetish. I asked him if he thought y avatar was to open and he said he thinks it is, because in his mind, wearing diapers is a fetish.


    The only thing I have ever used is cute pictures of my fursona but since he saw a diaper he instantly felt I should not use it as a avatar. He says he has no beef with diapers but to be honest, I feel that is a lie.

    So my question is, "Do you feel using any cute diaper pictures on steam as a big NONO?".

    How I feel:

    Personally I feel they should be nothing wrong with using cute pictures in your avatar.

    The whole thing got me thinking and mad at the same time. Mainly because I lost a friend over something so stupid. He said I made him feel uncomfortable on his friends list.

    I left respectfully, and without anger, but part of me wanted to literally go off on him. It just baffles my mind that people get mad over you using a cute avatar. I know we all have different things we call cute, but you have no reason to instantly just to hate on someone.

    I came to the furry community because I liked the cute artwork and stuff, I did not come to get hated on for no reason. You'd think some people who have all been hated on in society would be able to understand how we feel and would not cast judgments like this.

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    People are strange. You and me see diapers as something we like. Other people look as diapers + cute picture with diapers on = sicko. Even if we don't see that. Best idea if they feel odd about it don't talk about it.

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    ya people asume that since likeing cute things and diapers isn't average then it must be frowned apon! To bad people can't just be more opened mined about things

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    I personally see nothing wrong with using cute avatars even if the character is wearing a diaper.But not all people are open minded about diapers they see anyone interested in them as odd because they don't really understand how someone could like something that they should be reserve for babies and the incontinent

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    alright i think i can help by telling you a certain truth about me. that person you where talking to saying diapers is a fetish well i ALMOST became him. the truth of the matter is i need to go out here a lot to just understand why it's not just a possible fetish so i can live up to my name accept better. i never thought highly of myself more for the sake of discipline then any want to do so. EVENTUALLY i got open-minded enough to not be so short sighted but by no means was it easy believe me! i had to ACQUIRE the wisdom to know there's nothing wrong with using cute avatar's or even being into diapers i simply did NOT get that through experience the way some of you did i got that from right here in ADISC! and that's why i listen with my ears instead of with my mouth these days! in fact i expect to get criticized for a similar mistake in the future eventually. does telling you i have one of those flaws like that person you where talking about happens to have actually help kratox? yes i will never be perfect(at least in this lifetime if there's another one) but i am committed to EXCELLENCE which is the next best thing. and that seems to get results i like!

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    I personally wouldn't have anyone one on my steam list who had a dl/ab related avatar, just because it's not the sort of avatar you'd want popping up if say you had another person with you, or the fact that anyone can look up your friend list and having someone with a ab/dl related avatar is just a topic you don't want to be brought up by someone.

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    They're just cute avatars. I don't want to see Che Guevara's picture on T-shirts everywhere but who am I to tell somebody not to wear them?

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    I'd say at least 3/4 of the avas here I would consider reasonable for steam. Maybe not MINE though But then I find a lot of the diaerfurs cute and we have a lot of them here

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    Cute pictures are fine for Steam.

    Diapers in your avatar? No, not really. Keep that stuff where it belongs, such as adisc or on or FA or something, but not on Steam.

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