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Thread: what will you be like when you're old?

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    Default what will you be like when you're old?

    half credit for this thread goes to lukie, since it comes from a conversation i was having with him.

    i'm hoping i'll be hella wise by the time i'm old. i'll have learned to be ultra polite and poised, and i'll always know exactly the right thing to say in every situation. but at the same time i won't be too dignified and stuck-up to poke fun at myself. i'll be merry and twinkly and maybe a bit mischievious. in short, i'm hoping to be sort of like albus dumbledore:

    ...only i'll also be a brilliant fiddle player!

    of course the chances are i'll be completely different than that, in ways i never could have predicted, but still it's fun to speculate. so what do you think/hope you'll be like when you get old?

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    I hope I'll have the kind of energy in my voice that makes younger people want to sit down and listen when I tell stories about my life. I want to be loved and respected (and I want my last name to be the same as my best friend's) *cough* Umm... yeah! I wanna be a cool old chick.

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    Like I mentioned, I think I'll be a very softly-spoken and subtle person, perhaps to the point where I'm misconstrued as having ulterior motives, but that won't be the case. I'm thinking a very polite old gentleman, friendly to talk to and just full of wit and dry humour. Although I don't think I'll recount many stories, usually not my thing, but rather still take things as they come.

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    I know this is going to sound somewhat cliche, but so long as I'm in good health, don't lose my mind and can live independently I could care less. I just don't ever want to have to live in an old folks home.

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    I have joked with a friend that we will be the only two old farts at the nursing home headbanging to Metallica and Korn. I still wonder how thats gonna work out
    *engage old man voice*
    "Ehhh, turn that UP! . . . I know my hearing aids are out, it's NOT the same, dammit! God I do love me some Sanitarium. It's a shame they're all dead though, eeeehhhhh."*cough, cough*

    *end voice*

    It's gonna be a fight, to be sure. =)

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    I'll be a fun Grandpa who tells lots of stories to his grandchildren.

    Hell, that's my main motivation for living an interesting life: so I can retell it when I'm old. I want my grandchildren to hang onto my every word.

    I think I'll be wise, I hope I'll be wise! I probably would have read (and perhaps written) a lot of philosophy by then, so I might take the role of mental philosopher granddad. All old people who are into philosophy are a bit barking.

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    I'm going to be a typical cookie making Grandma! Who finds silly little gifts to send my grand kids, and always brings them back souvenirs! I want to travel a shit ton. Why? Because I'll be retired, of course! I'll be one of those grandams who calls everyone hun, sweetie, and darling.

    Yessir. ^.^

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    A number of people I know have suggested this, only an engineer instead of a doctor:

    While this would be quite cool, I imagine it would be a quite unhappy and lonely life, and that is not something I would like. Also, that isn't really old, so too young for this thread really. A 'Gregory House' stage of life would be fun, but probably mess you up in the long run. I'm not sure if it is something I would like to happen or not, though oddly I considered it a compliment when people have said it.

    I dunno. Surely the fun bit is finding out when you get there? I don't want to be seen as boring or old though - I want to be the sort of person that people listen too and find interesting. And being a bit crazy would be fun. Everyone likes crazy. I'll probably end up as some mad scientist/geriatric geek - the sort that suprises people because not only do they know how the technology works, they actually get into it BEFORE it is in the general domain. Yeah, I can see that happening - mad but loveable scientist type, that'd be fun.

    Also, sorta related:

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    I hope to be the same I am now.
    Level headed, calm, emotion driven and introverted.
    I just want to live a simple life.

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