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    I finally wore a diaper in public today at work. It was a L-XL Goodnite. I didn't use it at work, but it did later when I went grocery shopping. I only wet, I didn't mess. I don't think anyone noticed. Even if they did, what right do they have to stop me?

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    They don't so don't worry about it!

    I find that wearing goodnites makes me walk funny and are too noisy for my quiet office with other people next to me, So I just stick to wearing plastic pants only to have something babyish on.
    It's also the difficulty in getting them on and off in the bathroom, its a busy bathroom.

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    Unless you make a big deal or act nervous no one will be the wiser. Move forward at a pace that you feel good about and have fun. It definitely gets easier and more natural as you move forward.

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    I wear goodnites every day no one would ever know unless your pants fall down lol

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    Yup, as long as you act like you're not doing anything wrong or weird, which you're not, you're just fine. I've worn under my shorts in public a few times and have never thought twice about it. I'm not trying to show them off and therefore am not worried about it, so who cares.

    Have fun with it.

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    I've only done it twice. Both I was going out to eat at resturants. No one noticed

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    I just started wearing last week, almost 24/7. (Goodnites) I work in a restaurant, so the crinkle of the diapers doesn't really worry me much, what with all the talking and different machinery going on at once. I also am a little daring (giggles) and sit down on the toilet when I go for #1 and #2. I'm not trying to show off, I just like the way it looks between my legs as I'm going, kinda like a toddler. The real worry for me is at home, where it is easily noticeable. I've been reduced to wearing at night, where I can walk around all I want in a t shirt and a Goodnite. That's awesome to hear about that kind of confidence though, keep it up.

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