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Thread: Easier to Pee in a Diaper or Cup than the Toilet?

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    Default Easier to Pee in a Diaper or Cup than the Toilet?

    This probably sounds a bit strange, but I was thinking sometimes it seems like it's easier for me to pee in a diaper or a cup than the actual toilet. Like yesterday, I was sitting on the toilet trying to go but couldn't (maybe because I'd just fapped? I know erections make it hard for guys to pee, but I'm a girl). So I stood up and was able to pee in a cup instead. I'll admit the situation does lend itself to the ''stubborn toddler refusing to use the potty'' fantasy. It's just kinda weird.

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    I would say it's because you just fapped. After doing so the muscles contract and tighten, and eventually they relax making it easier to urinate.

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