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Thread: Short Film on being forced into the adult World

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    Default Short Film on being forced into the adult World

    Many of you will enjoy this short film on a grown man who sees himself as a younger person but who is forced to adapt to the adult world. Perhaps you will even resonate with it.
    Pretty well done piece.
    (The comments are actually very touching as well).

    (Mods - apologies for not putting this into the pop-culture thread. I just thought it was such a dead ringer for so many of us it would be worth it's own...)

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    Had it not been for the music playing in the background and adding to the art style.. i would've started crying >_< probably over-dramatic of me but it hit a soft spot for me.

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    This was really well done! Great short film. I think it can apply to any pressure into conformity and the depression that comes with the loss of one's sense of self. When a person stops living for themselves, they may as well stop living altogether. Perhaps black umbrellas in the rain only symbolizes funerals to me, as that was my father's funeral, but I think I saw a metaphorical death.

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    I think it was wel done too.
    Now I do wonder how many of us were forced into the Adult world, even as young Teens.
    Maybe taking on jobs, that maybe we were not ready to face as teens, or even not having that time to be teens like others did.
    Would some o still be looking for those years that we did not have as teens that we should have had.
    Were we forced to grow up to fast?

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