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Thread: Funniest! Thread in the world.

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    Default Funniest! Thread in the world.

    What gives you the Giggles ? Then why not share it here try to keep it PG but make it fun!. So come on everyone jump and make this the funniest thread in the world.
    Diapers on and prepare to wet yourself with laughter

    I will start the ball rolling enjoy.

    Super Hugs Leo

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    The music just cuts off! It's.......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If this weren't PG13, I'd rattle off a whole set of limericks that I've picked up. As it is, I shall introduce you all to the greatest opera singer ever...

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    Definitely this makes me giggle everytime. The video from MIT students who made ketchup dispensing robots. There's a couple other ones, too, but this one always gets me.

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    While watching that one LL, my dog stood on the bed and put her face into the monitor, sniffed under it, and behind it, and then looked at me as though it were now my duty to rescue this fellow dog after she failed to find it.

    Here's someone's half-broken singing trout. It would be less funny if it was all broken and not funny if it worked. But half-broken is comedy gold.

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    I just found this after seeing what was recommended from Frogsy's first video. It is sort of political because it is of Fox News, but please don't bash me or anything, its just funny.

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    ^^ Ha ha ha ha haaaa! How does something break so perfectly?! Dvwhwhwheaklv...flump... SINGING DO WA DIDDY DIDDY DUM DIDDY DO!

    I laughed so hard when I saw these guys on a kids "teacups" ride:

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    ^^ **chuckle** Oh, that second bloke has such a dirty laugh!

    This is one of those videos that, at first, you think might be straying into dangerous "politically incorrect" humour... until... oh... you'll just have to watch:

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    What?! No posts for 2 days?! This is a great thread -- keep the funnies coming everyone! :-D

    I feel a bit mean posting this clip of a rather unfortunate cat... but I'm sure even the cat laughed when it saw the video afterwards!

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