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Thread: Gaia anyone?

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    Default Gaia anyone?

    I saw we had a thread for IMVU and think we needed one for the users that have a Gaia account. If you do look me up here's my Gaia profile.

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    ...lolz. I went to the Gaia forums just to see if they were as bad as everyone says - man, everyone fell for the Rickroll, the Duckroll, (in the same thread) and even the "You know why they call it the XBox 360? Because you turn 360 degrees and walk away" gag. I mean, not everyone's like that, but srsly wtf lol?

    As for the game, I didn't like it much. May just be me.

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    Yeah... you can't really roleplay that good in a forum... when you only have people for like five minutes sometimes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by vincent View Post
    Not bad better then mine but I don't do that much to it.

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