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    I want to wear at work, any advice? I do alot of walking, but 80% of the time I'm on my own so I think I will be ok, thought wetting will be ok, wouldn't mine going all the way messy thou.

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    Are there numerous places to change? Reason I ask is because, as you know, wetting will cause you to sag and waddle and may become uncomfortable, not to mention the chafing (powder a must). If so, and you are alone most of the time, try it! Cautions: Don't wear scented children's diapers and try to get the ones with less crinkle.

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    Oh yeah theres ton, my floor has 4 including a hidden one too LoL. I just feel up for something and figured this could be that something.

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    if you're just wearing and not wetting, I suggest something thin to medium thickness. don't get thick or you will have problems with irritating your inner thighs due to friction while you walk. Wear briefs or boxers over them to keep them in place and reduce noise, and reduce wear and tear. powder up a fair amount. dress cool, your diaper may make your skin down there sweat. higher sap diapers clump less when dry. (tranquility ATN is a good choice if you don't mind the noise)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SailingDaSeas View Post
    Oh yeah theres ton, my floor has 4 including a hidden one too LoL. I just feel up for something and figured this could be that something.
    in that case, as long as you were careful enough, and there was no chance of getting caught, i would say go for it, might even make work more enjoyable. i wish i could at my work, but there is no privacy at all, and i am always working with someone

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    Well I do work with people, just its getting cooler outside and theres alot of call offs so I get to stick on one floor. Whats "SAP"? but ya the friction is what worries me I'm moving like 24/7 at work :-/

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    Quote Originally Posted by SailingDaSeas View Post
    Well I do work with people, just its getting cooler outside and theres alot of call offs so I get to stick on one floor. Whats "SAP"? but ya the friction is what worries me I'm moving like 24/7 at work :-/
    SAP stands for Superabsorbent polymer - it's the stuff inside of diapers that absorbs the moisture

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    I wear at work (I work in a biotech lab) and had never had a problem.. And I'm sharing my office with three others people... (and we're very close to one another).
    As long as you are wearing appropriate clothes (not too tight pants, large shirts, for example) and you don't wet every two minutes, you'll be fine. There is no way they can tell what you are wearing. Unless your work is very physical and you have to bend over a lot. I wouldn't worried too much if I were you.

    Regarding the moving around, if you are sensitive to chaffing, I would recommend using baby powder, or something like that. Don't be too paranoid about the scent. It'll most likely be hidden by the smell of your deodorant or after-shave or the ones of your coworkers. And even if, one of your coworkers smells some kind of baby scent, they are not going to think right away "hum, this smells makes me thing that my coworker is probably wearing an ABDL diaper. I should ask him loudly in front of everyone !".

    Knowing you wetting habit and how much you drink (water AND diuretic like tea or coffee) is a plus, so you can know beforehand when you're going to need a change. If you don't wet much, a diaper can last a day (I know I can if I reduce how much I drink).
    By the way, I never had a problem with my pee being very smelly but if it's your case, changing your eating habits can change this. (in fact, some food are responsible for bad urine odor, e.g. asparagus)

    Try to find a diaper that can hold enough so you don't have to change after every wetting and one that comfortable enough. For me, I like the molicare super plus, Tena maxi or Abena Delta M3. They are not too thick even when wet, hold a nice amount and fit correctly. But other brands can work for you.
    If you're afraid of leaks, a plastic pants is really stress-relieving, as you can wet without the need to check if there is a wet spot on your jean. Also, crinkling sounds can be reduced by wearing a boxer over your diaper. But it can become to be a lot to wear if you have diaper/plastic pants/boxer.

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    Oh ok, I was like "SAP???? Did they mean Sag???" But thank you for the info. Oh and I did crack up on the what if they smell the Baby Scent cause I pictured the co-worker sniffing and slowing turning in horror pointing a finger going "you....your.......your a.......your a BBBABY!" And everyone holdong there hands over their mouths in fear hahahahahah. But ya I do bend and walk and lift and I do Housekeeping, but trust me there are other smells that cover mine up, I work at a Hospital.......which means I could be sneaky and snatch a diaper here and there too :p

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    Expert public wearer here
    I 'm wearing in order, 2 easyups(they swell sooo big),1 tena slip,1 blue, age uk large(trying to use em up, yuk) and one little_annabelle white lrg.
    So my knees barley touch.
    Trick is to wear a lycra onsie thingy(dance wear),baby one no good as poppers will pop and they will rub , they stop the sag no matter how wet you get.
    Next is a 2 layer nappy panties. I wear ones with nice frills on the bum but its the 2 layers that will allow you to walk 5 miles as I do once a week in a nappy that's getting thicker all the time
    Next the 'piece of resistance' (Dellboy). It's Dungaree's. I wear boating pair for the walkabouts, going to Chinese etc. Looks like I stepped out of work or off a motorbike.
    I also got normal denim pair for traveling and shortalls for camping.

    But point is Dungaree's allow a LOT with no noticeable bum bulge and people can't tell where the crotch SHOULD be on you, so all looks normal.
    Just get em wee bit bigger than you need.
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