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Thread: time to reintroduce myself

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    Talking time to reintroduce myself

    As some of you know me on here irl... I mostly go by dixon. I have been lurking adisc since the minors issue and haven't been as active as I would prefer... but enough about that! Time to talk about me. I am a 24y/o asexual DL/AK (Adult kid) I currently reside in glorious southern cali and live with a DL friend of mine who is kind of a daddy... but not entirely if that makes sense... I am mainly an adult kid... i am twenty four but i mostly act like i am a kid... my little age is 11. I am looking for other littles in southern california north of las angeles.... or in that area, to hang out or w\e... I am a bit of a gamer, mostly pc games tho... steam... etc. I play a few mmorpgs star trek online is my main addiction, followed by world of tanks.

    Anyway enough about me for now

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    Welcome back dixon!

    Despite the fact that I don't know you... I hope it doesn't matter. ^_-

    Anyway I wonder, your little age is 11? I have to say that's quite old. Perhaps you'd like to elucidate?
    Though as I know it's hard to explain sometimes... well I'm still curious: I guess your little safe ages or even ages faster, figuratively speaking?

    Anyway, have some fun again on adisc.

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    It is mainly because i dont consider myself a toddler or even AB... more for playing with toys... and video games. Not unusual to have a little age like that.... anyway thanks for the warm welcome back!

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    Wb Dixon. One's little age is personal and whatever suits you, and same with the relationship with a caretaker or daddy . As to othrt Californians, I know I have seen some join recently, and your quest to find others should go successfully. Many littles I think are not ab's as such, including lilfurs, cubfurs. And some have a vague indeterminate age, and are padded but play with meccano or remote control planes or rockets.

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