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Thread: GROW UP! (the most emotional comment)

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    Default GROW UP! (the most emotional comment)

    I don't know about any of you but I have a ABDL trigger word that just sends me over the edge. Even before I was an ABDL people shouting at me "GROW UP!" just made me want to become angry and violent. I resisted this urge but I really don't know why it effects me so much, I remember my mother telling me this countless times when I lived with her and now she says it ocassionally and now even still if people even joke around with that word I flip.

    I think this site even has a sad emote with that on it so it must be a commen thing

    sometimes when people say that to me I even burst into tears.

    any similar experiences? or words that hurt your little side?

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    Usually when people tell me to grow up I take it as an opportunity to yell "NEVER!!!!!" at the top of my lungs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattiKins View Post
    Usually when people tell me to grow up I take it as an opportunity to yell "NEVER!!!!!" at the top of my lungs.
    you rule dude

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    Thanks. It's unwise to irritate a 275-lb. toddler.

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    Well I use to get told to "Grow Up" all the time but I've always looked at them saying something like "Why I'm having fun?"

    After all as long as you're mature when you have to be why does it matter if you "Grow up"?

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    I recall being about 13 or so and being incredibly excited about buying a GI Joe accessory pack. I arrived home and went to my room to rip it open and immediately play with it. My mother came in and told me "why don't you grow up, you're too old for this" and I was immediately devastated. I think she saw that in my eyes as I was almost brought to tears and she later apologized, mentioning that she was worried that I might be a bit 'delayed' in developing into a man.

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    Well I'm the youngest out of seven sooo, being told to grow up for me kinda goes without saying.

    But I often get told I'm weird. So I take that as a complement.

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    I spent too much time trying to hide the fact that i didn't really grow up. I would hide my stuffed animal beneath my pillow during the day so my parents wouldn't notice it. I don't know how i felt so scared to shed any light on my little side to my family, but for some reason I showed recognition that a guy in my teen age didn't normally sleep with stuffed animals anymore, even though i liked to anyway. I guess i was just afraid of ever being told "why don't you grow up," because even though i liked being little more, I wanted others to think i was capable of being independent and mature. Now though, i feel like it was a shame that i didn't just walk through my house with my stuffed animal if i wanted to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyger View Post
    I spent too much time trying to hide the fact that i didn't really grow up.
    You and me both, brother. I can act old when I have to but they cannot expect that from me all the time.

    Alas, the world we live in.

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