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Thread: Do you use a wig or natural hair?

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    Default Do you use a wig or natural hair?

    I'm wondering, who here uses wigs and who grows their hair out?

    I grew mine out. Took me a few years, but now it's a few inches past my shoulders. I've been called ma'am while not even dressed up before!

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    I had a wig for a while web I first transitioned, but the idea of something fake in a world where I was faking for so long left a bad taste. I passed far better with a dike spike

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    I am working on growing mine since a few months before I came out and little bit longer before I started hormones. I have worn a wig before to see how it looked and felt and I could not wear for that long. I tend to feel better with my hair natural though it is not super long at the moment. While I am growing it out I do plan on getting cut more shaped to be more feminine to fit with rest of me, as it is very sloppy right now from not being cut at all for a while. So no I do not wear a wig but that is just me for some people it works for others it doesn't, in the end it is a personal choice that one must make.
    I am glad to see thought that I am not alone in choosing not to wear a wig.

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    I have a wig thought rarely wear it, like Babyemo said having something fake just doesn't feel right to me. I'm in the process of growing it out since last summer but had to have a lot cut off back in June because the last lady who did my hair almost ruined it!

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    I'm not a sissy, but my long hair has managed to net me a few men grabbing my arse. =_= Still funny when I get to turn around and say "oi mate, do I look like a woman?" And they freak out. =p

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    Default Do you use a wig or natural hair?

    I now officially use both. I got a pink wig for an event and now can have pink hair
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    i don't like wigs, they ichy, and i don't like dying my hair or fussing with it, soo, i want to grew it long when i move out, and if history shows anything, i will have a bright blond jewfro in 3-5 mounths, but it will be super soft and cute soo thats great, but it will go allover the place soo i will have to tie it down, maybe pig tails?

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    I always let my hair grow, but I will also always get it cut super short eventually and let the process go on all over again. Personally I like my hair at a medium length because that way I can stylize it the way I like. Wigs can go suck a thing. My hair is naturally great.

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    The longer my hair gets the more irritating it gets I rather have a wig so I can take it off when I want to.

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