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    So I live in a small town in Japan and I teach English at several different elementary schools. Today I was at the 100 yen shop (dollar store) picking up a few things and I saw they had individual adult diapers. I thought, what the heck I'll give it a try and I grabbed it without thinking too much about it and headed for the register. There I met three of my students. They all said "Wow it's Ben sensei!" and I quickly turned the other direction. They thought it was strange and I heard them say "Why did he run away?". I managed to put the diaper back without being seen and paid for my stuff.

    On the way out I ran into two other students who instantly asked what I bought and tried to look inside my bag.

    I can't even imagine what would have happened if they saw the diaper in my hand. If an adult co-worker saw me they might think that I have some medical condition or maybe I was buying it for someone else, and wouldn't give it too much thought. But if my students saw it, everyone in the school would know. Every single student would giggle about it every single time they would see me. I wouldn't be able to teach a lesson because that would always be the big elephant in the room.

    The important thing is I didn't get seen with a diaper in my hand, but oh man it was really close.

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    Looks like you pulled a good Houdini.

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    I would think the dollar store would be the number one place to run into your students?

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    Wow that really was a really close call.But at least you were quick enough to think on your feet and ditch the diaper without being caught which is a good thing.In the future you might wanna be a bit more careful and look around to make sure no one you know is nearby especially your students.
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    Diapers for only one dollar? Or is the dollar store just a misnomer? If not I wish diapers were that cheap over here...

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    Well neocarbunkle, you might be able to answer a question I've had about Japan. I read an article like this one a few months back...

    Yahoo News Canada - Latest News & Headlines

    Is it true that adult diapers are gaining a certain amount of acceptance over there? Perhaps you could have told your students there was a 21-hour long grammar lecture coming up and you needed to stock up

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    I don't know why that one time I thought it was safe.

    I really find that article hard to believe. Adult diapers are on the rise because there are way too many old people.

    Japan isn't really a place where new ideas are slowly being accepted. Everyone lives in this constant fear of being different from others or standing out even a little bit. The idea of an office worker wearing a diaper to be able to work even harder, that sounds very Japanese. But not caring if your coworker can smell anything or wonder why you haven't gone to the bathroom all day, that's not Japanese at all.

    A lot of times a news story that even Japanese people would think of as weird and unusually is picked up by a western source and everyone thinks that's how Japan really is.

    That all being said, there are plenty of Japanese AB/DLs, at least online.

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    This is why I now by all of my oinky stuff from the privacy of the internet.

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    Sounds like you dodged a bullet there. Could you imagine the awkwardness the next time you would be teaching, lol

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