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Thread: Just wore in public

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    Last night before I went to bed I put on my Goodnites and woke up this morning and didn't feel like taking off the diaper because it was still clean so I go out to pick up my brother and I got a haircut too and no one knew that I was wearing a diaper I probably would've wet if I had to go it felt so great I'm still wearing the same diaper as I type this I'm trying to go for all day being in a diaper just like a baby...I was wanting to get baby formula and a baby bottle while I was out but my brother was with me I love drinking formula I haven't had it in a while though because I can't get it because my dad is always home and he will wonder where I'm going I might be able to go to the store when he goes to sleep I don't know I was considering ordering online what do you guys think?

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    It shows a good amount of bravery to go out in public while wearing. Since you've made the first step on your particular journey you might progress to increasing stages of the diaper experience, like wetting and changing the Goodnites, wearing thicker and more noticeable diapers while using those, and come up with a plan to avoid leaks. Maybe you can combine your formula-buying mission with an errand for your dad; offer to fetch the dry cleaning or gas up the car - whatever you can conjure that allows you to run in somewhere and get your formula

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    Its fun to wear out, but to be fair, goodnites is practically underwear xD but glad you enjoyed it you'd be surprised how many people cant tell even when you wear a really thick diaper. As for formula, i cant comment on that as I've never drank formula :P i prefer just a plain bottle with warm milk or ice cold chocolate milk :3 I went on a trip in december to washington with my wife and a few friends and wore only diapers the entire time it was fun but got uncomfortable after some time due to all the walking we were doing and the layers of clothes i was wearing >.< even took my bottle to drink naughty beverages from heehee

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    I'll never forget that first thrill of wearing a pull-up to work, now I roll fully padded.

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    Goodnites are wonderful. They are practically my new underwear now. But wearing just one does just feel like thick underwear, that's why I wear two (Try it, it feels even better!) But I don't go in them in public since they really don't hold that much. Right now I have a goodnite over a depends and they hide pretty well under my jeans. I have a long shirt on and an even longer football jersey on over that. I have went in this setup before and it held pretty good. I'm probably gonna go to my poker league tonight like this.

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    Well what did sounds like you have a good bit of bravery I certainly know I don't have the guts to wear one out.That being said like others have mentioned goodnites are like thick underwear but wearing a goodnite out might lead you to eventually wearing a full blown diaper you never know.Good luck with wearing them out more often and finding an easier way to get that formula ^^

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    i have worn out a few time in a proper diaper. but mostly due to y boyfriend who was my daddy too at the time managed to convince me to try it. i personally thik i would happily wear in public all the time, i just have self esteem isshues which means if people look at me then it must be coz im doing something weird or something. once i get over my self esteeem and manage to get to the point where i really dont care what other people think. then i will happily wear 24/7 like i do when im at home 99% of the time unless im babysitting of course.

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    Well as I write this I'm currently sitting in my big rig with a completely soaked abena m4, plastic pants and a foley catheter (the cath being one of my little kinks). Been this way all day.

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    good for you. i wouldnt feel comfortable sticking a big tube up my willy. my friend had to use catheters due to being run over by a lorry and not being to walk again EVER and he ahs to use them ad it dosent look very comfortable.

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    I'm out in public in mine and think nothing of it. I've been wearing 24/7 for over a year and a half so it's a everyday occurrence for me.

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