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Thread: Night time Messing.

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    Default Night time Messing.

    I would like to know if there are other causes for night time messing other than me having night time seizures. When I have night time Grand Mal seizures , both my bladder and bowels void.

    When these messing's have happened I have been under a lot of Emotional stress.

    It may be very well that I'm having seizures in my sleep and haven't realized it. Even with the anti seizure medications.

    I do know that before these happen, my guts fell like some one is twisting them into knots.

    I have had a problem with skid marks the past month to. three different times They are not from me not wiping well, I wash my butt after doing a BM in my diaper , I wear 24/7.

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    i don't have seizures but i do get IBs and sometimes mess myself in my sleep. it hard to explain i just feel like i need to go while sleeping and i just go.

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    My boweI muscles are very weak do to a birth defict sometimes mess while sleeping, doesn't matter much I"m diapered 24/7

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    I uncontrollably poop too! I had a really big poop in my diaper while hobbling down the Windam, NH Rail Trail Path for exercise.

    Yes! I dirty myself badly every single day, but I do not let it get me down on myself.

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    Kenny, you're under a lot of stress right now, so I'm not surprised that your body is reacting to it. When the court case gets settled, you'll probably feel better.

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    Pre-existing medical conditions (such as seizures), aside, 'Stress' already mentioned, I have had problems with horrible nightmares causing my body to 'React'.

    Hope your stress level eases-up on ya, and soon!


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