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Thread: AB Practices and Mental Health

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    Default AB Practices and Mental Health

    So before you say something, no I'm not suggesting you are all crazy. I can't say the same for myself however

    Anyways, I just thought I'd share something, and then ask for your thoughts. Last night, I decided to explore my AB side. Up until this point, it was more a matter of putting on a diaper and going about my business. This time around though, I also had my teddy (which I've had since I was born) and some Dr Seuss playing on my iPad. I must say, I haven't felt this relaxed in a long time.

    I do deal with a diagnosed and medicated anxiety/depression disorder, so peace of mind can be hard for me to come by at times. But this just felt amazing. I was elsewhere, without a care in the world besides what was to become of the Onceler, or what the Lorax was to say next. And after all was done, I slept awesome.

    Now I'm NOT saying I or anyone else should forsake their prescriptions in exchange for diapers, but as I begin to get more into my albeit simple AB side, I feel a noticeable difference, especially during stressful situations.

    So do any of you feel the same way? Perhaps a similar experience? Perhaps a few of us have some common ground we can share.

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    You just love beating that dead horse, don't you? .

    Well, shoot, where do I start. What does AB mean to me? I honestly couldn't tell you. See, my childhood was rather thorny like many others that fall into the AB/DL spectrum, neglect, abandonment, loss, separation, all those type of things that make life crap. And when I look back on when I first took an interest in diapers - it was at a time before sexual maturity and most of those traumatic events happened in my life. Realistically, I can rule out trauma and sexual interest. I guess for me - since diapers has an association with babyhood I felt it was just a natural progression since your mind creates the link between the two.

    So is it really a mental illness? Or is it more due to an association?

    Personally, Valkyrie0, I wouldn't let this bother you until it becomes a problem with your adulthood life.

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    I know I do lol I should get a contract sending my dead horses to the glue factory

    I'm starting to see things that way too. I wasn't abused as a child or anything, but I just always had that connection to diapers, like a comfort object. Not though, it seems to me like they are only one piece of the proverbial puzzle. And perhaps I should clarify, I don't think being an AB is a mental health problem, but rather I found it to be therapeutic in nature. Again, the horse is good and dead but the comments others make really demonstrate to me I'm not alone, despite the fact it feels that way sometimes.

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    Hey Valkyrie0 well i started out as DL from the age of 14 but i like't the idea of wearing nappies way before then as i became older i started finding my AB side and the more i explored it the stronger it become but i will say i think it has all ways been apart of me even as a child.
    It was really when i started to be able to regress naturally. my self as a little there are different levels of regression for me or triggers eg things like nappies baby powder soft toys that kind of thing.
    I would have to say the time im most very little and naturally happy is when i'm with my AB daddy as he takes care of me and my little needs that's the time i can just let go and be me.
    But like a drug what ever go's up must come down and when back from having a day out as a little i find it very hard to come back to earth so to speak. But yes its very relaxing and i love looking at the world in a new light as i all way do as a little as you say without a care thats the effect i think we all crave some get it and some will never understand it. Nice to see you are enjoying your AB side and if it helps you in any way then its a good thing right what ever makes you happy go for it. Super hugs Leo

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    Thank you Leo! It seems to me like anything, peoples tastes change as they get older. Diapers are awesome, but sometimes they just aren't enough.

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    Well... as a very young kid I was fairly solitary and spent my time around adults... Then around age five I started primary school and (at the same time) became quite traumatised at the idea of death. Realising that there was nothing anyone could say to allay my fears (to my personal safety at school, or the fact that everyone I knew including myself was inevitably going to die), I hid it extremely well... But I think I've had problems with anxiety since then... which eventually resulted in depression too.

    I also became interested (maybe slightly obsessed) in diapers at around that age. Coincidence? Hmmm....

    I also find wearing diapers and taking some time out from adult concerns can help me to actually relax even when I'm stressed... Another coincidence...?

    Nah, I reckon for both of us, being AB/DL is a kind of coping mechanism... a way to go back to a time when we were "safe"... a manifestation of deeper "troubles"... Whether it is for every AB (let alone every AB/DL)... I don't know...

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    Now there are some of us who do have an adult and baby personality. No we are not crazy . Some of us had traumatic events in our lives that our brains created the baby personality as a way to protect us.

    There are some who just need to get away from the stresses of the adult world for a while. The find being little relaxes then. For what ever reason , being little is just part of us, and there is nothing wrong with it at all.

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    Hmm. Are you suggesting that regression and/or exploring your AB side can be used as a substitute for prescription medication, in order to diminish issues related to anxiety and depression? That's interesting.

    I find it interesting because I've always considered it to be a kind of natural high. When I'm in little mode, I feel different to some extent. I find other things interesting than I usually do, I talk in a more childish way with regards to both voice and vocabulary, in a way I perceive my surroundings differently... I mean, being little doesn't cause hallucinations or something, obviously, but to me, it's clearly a way to alter your consciousness. I find it somewhat comparable to meditation (although I have limited experience with that), and it's generally accepted that meditation is good for your mental health... so what you're saying may have a lot of merit.

    I'm pretty sure that it doesn't work for everyone. If someone has never had any kind of interest in AB/DL stuff, it's not really useful to try and improve your mental health this way. But if you're an AB, why not use the moments you can let out your little side for mental health improvement? It seems like a win-win situation to me.

    (It's too bad I'm not allowed by forum rules to discuss illegal drug use)

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    Hmm. Are you suggesting that regression and/or exploring your AB side can be used as a substitute for prescription medication, in order to diminish issues related to anxiety and depression? That's interesting
    I need to make it clear this isn't what I'm suggesting at all. For myself, I could certainly see it being a way to compliment medical treatment and generally increase my feeling of well being, but not to replace the advice or prescriptions of a medical doctor. I don't mean to sound blunt, but I don't want anyone taking parts of this topic out of context and landing themselves in serious trouble.

    But yes, I do see where you're coming from. Life is certainly stressful, and to take something you already have (ABism) and to use it to improve the way you feel in general, why not? As you said, win-win

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    Quote Originally Posted by Albasion View Post
    Hmm. Are you suggesting that regression and/or exploring your AB side can be used as a substitute for prescription medication, in order to diminish issues related to anxiety and depression? That's interesting.
    I know this wasn't directed at me, so I hope you don't mind me replying too!

    I think that for some people, being AB/DL arose as a way to reduce "stress"... But, from my point of view, I have (nearly) always been highly anxious, so as well as AB/DL stuff being a stress-reliever it also indicates that I'm probably under a lot of stress... and therefore may need medicating. Not to rid myself of AB/DL desires (since that will probably never work completely as it's so ingrained), but just to reduce the anxiety/depression.

    I think genuine anxiety and depression are far too serious to be "fixed" by AB/DL stuff... But if it helps a little and doesn't interfere with the rest of your life, why not, eh?

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