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Thread: Adult sized Stuffed Animals

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    Default Adult sized Stuffed Animals

    So I was trying to think of a proper hug-able sized stuffed animal. A standard size just does not seem to scale well with the adult sized body.

    So I was trying to think of how big I would want my own personal stuffed animal to be. Not sure what standard size is maybe 9-12" from surfing Amazon.

    But the giant ones that I have seen females get for valentines are like 48"+ I am guessing.

    So something in the range of 24-36" or 2-3 ruler lengths.

    What do you guys think?

    Still shopping around for a blankie...
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    I remember wimning a giant Teddy bear in a raffle when I was 10. It was up to mmy shoulders tthen. But i wasn't allowed to kkeep it.

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    I think it's a great idea
    I've been looking around on Amazon and Ebay myself! Having a big stuffed animal would be a great way to feel little!! I like ones that are about 24" so they are big when they're next to me, but easy to carry around. I had wanted to have some that are huge, like the Valentines Day ones you described, maybe for my bed so that I can feel super little! My perfect one would be a pink Teddy or a pink bunny!!

    I bet blankie shopping is really fun My problem that i've run into so far is that I run into a lot of 28x28 blankets, or really small ones like that. I think I would like one that was small enough to carry around, like a "Favorite blankie" but I would like it to be big enough to cover me too.

    I have even thought of shopping for a cute soft fabric and creating my own blankie, and maybe putting cute patches on it. I've actually thought about creating one of those "lovey blankies" where you sew a stuffed animal to it, do you know what i'm talking about? I thought it would be a really cool idea to have one that was adult sized ^_^

    Anyway, I love the idea! I love thinking about anything that makes me feel little

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    I got this one Cuddlekins White Tiger 30": Toys & Games and it was only $40. About that size seems to be good quality for an adult in my opinion. It doesn't cost too much, and it is very hugable. There is a lot of other varieties as well, but i like that size, and that price, and it is very soft.

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    I've seen Leopard plushies as big as 56"! Always wanted one, but they run almost $100 new, including shipping.

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    I have seen the giant teddy bears at the Costco wharehouse membership store, not sure if there is one in a town near you? You might be able to get a better idea of what size you would like if you could have it infront of you. I think I am going to ask Santa for a jumbo teddy bear this Christmas.

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    My daddy got me a big blue teddy bear for valentine's day last year! It's 36 inches tall, super soft, and has "My First Teddy" embroidered in one of his feet. I love it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piplup View Post
    My daddy got me a big blue teddy bear for valentine's day last year! It's 36 inches tall, super soft, and has "My First Teddy" embroidered in one of his feet. I love it!
    Nice I am unsure of what kinda Stuffy i want ether a classic teddy or a bunny or monkey i just cant deside

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    Yay! Good thread!

    I am a teddy bear fan My problem with huge teddies, though, is that their filling always feels weird to me ... very soft-bodied and squishy, like it is not stuffed firmly enough, I guess? It's a texture thing, I can't stand "mushy" feeling teddies. It's even worse when the fur is that long-haired, yet "thin," insubstantial plush. It just feels wrong to me They don't feel ...real? I guess I like firm (but huggable) toys, with nice thick fur. If I found a giant bear that felt substantial and solid without being too heavy (or too bulky), I might enjoy it a lot.

    But 18-24" is a good height for an everyday teddy bear, in my opinion. (Note that at 5'6", I'm not huge -- a 6'+ person would probably like a slightly larger size.) That size can sit in my lap without being in my face, & is large enough to hug, and to hold while sleeping without getting in the way. Also, it's small enough to just tuck under my arm to carry. There are definitely times for larger ones though, especially if you want to feel tinier in comparison

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    My Huggie Bear, a big purple plushie, is about three feet tall. He was a Valentine's Day purchase a long time ago and now he's a cuddly nighttime friend.

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