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Thread: Rude Babyfurs

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    Question Rude Babyfurs

    OK so, I have been looking for some babyfur friends that I could play games with on steam. I am trying to get more into chatting with other people of my kind, but most of the babyfurs I have chatted to have been extremely rude to me. This is just really aggravating. Does anyone else have this same luck?

    It also seems like to me that, if your not well known in the community, people don't want to chat with you.

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    I've been noticing this at times. More like I look on and see the friction. I don't understand why it happens to be honest.

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    I'm not rude but I noticed something along that line also.

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    I noticed that to, mainly in IRC chat. it got better with time i think.

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    I see it happen a good amount.
    Tho this is not true for all, it seems the more
    popular one is the ruder they are, unless like you said you are popular too.

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    have to say that people seem like this no matter who they are to me, and i think a lot of baby-furs are on the defensive, i might be wrong, but i know we get some bad press on some of the "other" sites

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    Were they Yiffers or genuine Furs?

    I find that Yiffers tend to be a little more rude then the genuine Furs.

    I will add, I am not trying to generalize here, it's just that - that has been my experience with the exception of a few.
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    It kinda depends on who you talk to, unfortunately as people have said before me, it depends on who you talk to and are a talking about in the community.

    It also depends on their popularity and how big their ego can be because of that and how they just tend to only assosiate with those who are more popular, although this doesn't just count for BabyFurs, some Popular ABDL's in general act like that towards lesser-popular ones, choosing to only be more friendlier to ones that are popular as well...either that or just their attitude to people in general.

    Yiffer's are honestly worse from personal experiences.

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    Im friendly but some are not so open . It could be some hide there babyfur part or are shy some are reclusive too. I know a few.
    Like that.

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    I'll always talk with ya! I have a steam account, but I donty play any games on it. I mostlely use it to chat.

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