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    You're very brave for doing this. I just hope you're ready for any backlash.

    And because of you I found Davy's page. He was my favorite in 15 Stone Babies.

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    Lil vid I made to explain why I'm an adult baby and to launch my YouTube channel witch will involve diaper reviews and the best baby clothes I find on the internet take a look.

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    Ill get to it from my rerooted nook. Thanks fer sharing.

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    I'll keep an eye out then.

    I was having a bit of a talk to Davy Strange a few days back and found out he used to be a member of ADISC but left because of all the drama and ridicule he got over 15 Stone Babies and wanting to be more public about ABDLism. I hope the same doesn't happen to you here.

    Have you come out to your family and friends yet?

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    Yes I've come out to my mates and they've been incredibly supportive , davy I like to think of a good mate and I've met him and happen to think he's the bravest man I've ever met as you can only be yourself and whatever that is no one should be able to tell you differently

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    Ty for new vid. Will watch when I can.

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