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    Sometimes I find myself in a difficult position.
    No, nothing in the sense of a life changing decision.
    Just that, some will come home to the same thing. Wake up the next day to relieve the same experiences from the previous day. Tomorrow I'll go to the same job.
    Sure, I may eat an apple with lunch instead of an orange. And maybe it might even be Tom, in the cubicle next to mine who just so happens to have a birthday and there might be some cake in the lunch room.
    Or, maybe Tom thinks to himself something about it being all pointless. He's stuck in a dead-end job, nobody cares about Tom, sure he has a family but he goes home to the same family, a family with the same faces.
    "How was school"
    "School was fine"
    School was fine, school is always fine. Nothing changes, same conversations around the dinner table about how everything's fine. These conversations take up just enough time for everyone to finish their meals and then leave to their rooms or go watch t.v quietly.
    And every time Tom wants something more, maybe a new car - it costs too much. Maybe he wants to travel, but his job wont let him have more than 42 hours of vacation time.
    Mortgage is the same. Bills the same. Everything's the same.
    Tom will grow to a ripe old age. And he'll think back on his life. There was some good times there, watching his kids grow up, then seeing them maybe once a month, etc.
    I do not work in a cubicle, But I do know someone like Tom. I'm not necessarily Tom myself - yet.
    I don't fear that someday I will be Tom. I just don't want to know that I am just like Tom.

    To anyone that may read this and think that it is an odd post, which I guess it is (but that's why it's in off-topic.) Tell me, how to you break away from the mundane?

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    Gotta find new interests. sometimes taking risks and trying new things. Life can definitely seem this way at times, im in sorta the same boat right now, but by no means does it have to be. There's always things happening, whether it involves you or not things happen, everyday. Sometimes you gotta make things happen, sometimes you gotta get involved with whats happening. Thank god our generation has the internet, its full of information, news, and even opportunities.

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    Learn to change your perspective on life and appreciate the things that should bring joy to you.

    We all have a 'doing' and a 'being' mind, ever arrived at work with no clue how you got there ? started making coffee when your guest wanted tea ? Eaten your dinner and can barely remember what it was an hour later ? That's because you were in the 'doing' mindset, most of us bumble though life on auto pilot not really aware of what's around us and we only really notice things when they are new to us. Even talking to the kids about their school day becomes 'Just the same old thing' when it should be a great time spending time with them.

    Your probably thinking WTF is this dude on so I'd better explain.

    I'm currently getting treatment for depression and one of the things that has been suggested is Mindfulness so I've been learning and practising it on my own from a book. Mindfulness as a psychological concept is the focusing of attention and awareness, based on the concept of mindfulness in Buddhist meditation.

    There are many ways to learn about mindfulness and there are many flavours depending on why you are learning it, some university's are teaching it to students to handle stress. It's being taught to pre-op cancer patents to help them handle and reduce the effects of pain and even company's who don't want auto pilot employees are training their staff to be more aware.

    I can't explain a lot about it as I'm only a beginner but what I can say is its slowly allowing me to snap out of the zombie-like 'doing' mind and spend more time in the much more aware 'being' mind. Spending time 'being' rather than 'doing' allows you to appreciate what's in front of you a lot more and without going into cliché, life becomes a lot more vivid and vital than it is in the 'doing' mind.

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    This is a really common worry, particularly at your age. I know it was on my mind around then and I was doing my best to avoid it. Most people come to some kind of accomodation with it over time. Maybe it's that they turn into proper zombies and don't care or perhaps it's something more complex. I don't believe that our lives have any objective meaning, so it's whatever we can find in them. Everyone looks at that a little bit differently but I think we can all agree that we're here now and might as well make something good of it while we are. I think meaning and fulfillment can be found in many different ways and it doesn't necessarily require adventures and endless novelty. The mundane, repetitive life you speculate on doesn't adequately capture the many amazing and transcendent experiences that occur over a lifetime. Do what you want or can but life is really where you find it.

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