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Thread: hi boys and girls

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    Default hi boys and girls

    i am from Hong Kong

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    Welcome to ADISC, hkbaby. Is there anything else about yourself that you want to share? Just saying you are from Hong Kong doesn't tell us a lot about you? What made you decide to join ADISC? Do you have any interests, hobbies, funny stories about yourself you would like to share? When did you discover that you were into Diapers? Stuff like that?

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    this is like on Austin Powers: Goldmember, when Goldmember says, " 'Allo everybody, I'm from holland ISHn't dat Vierd!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by hkbaby View Post
    i am from Hong Kong
    I used to live in Hong Kong from 2002-2005, loved that place. Came across some interesting diapers out there too. I lived in a place called Sai Kung (西貢市).

    I would be interested for you to tell me about your experiences with diapers in Hong Kong, and I would like to know more about you.

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