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Thread: what time should i eat for this?

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    Default what time should i eat for this?

    one experience i would like is to sleep in a messy diaper, but i have no idea when i should eat so i wake up at like 5 with the need to go. i would like to wake at like 5 or 6 go, then fall back asleep

    any suggestions on when i should eat or if theres something i can do the night before that will make me go at about those times?

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    Take some Senokot or prune tablets about 10hrs before you want to go.

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    I never thought about this, as I when I used to wear for fun and mess on occasion I simply went when I had to go. Prior to becoming ill I consistently had to "go" 3 to 4 times per day. Now that I'm on more medications than any one person should ever have to be on I am frequently "corked up" and can go a couple of days between movements. I also haven't messed in quite a long time as the opportunity doesn't arise very often when you have kids.
    I will admit to enjoying sleeping in a dirty diaper back when I was able to do it. I always made sure to apply diaper creme to my entire diaper area prior to doing so in an effort to avoid nasty rashes, and I had much success in doing so. I was also "fussy" with the type of mess that I would sleep in. It had to be somewhat "solid". The more the merrier, but I never liked the feel of loose or watery "poop" at all. The longest I spent in a dirty diaper was over 12 hours.

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