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Thread: Why do goodnites get so much hate?

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    Default Why do goodnites get so much hate?

    I mean, where I live, they're called drynites, and I don't know if there's any difference between DN and GN but people say they don't hold #2's and they don't hold more than a mild wetting, but they've worked pretty well for me and take a fair amount of urine... So what gives?

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    Goodnites are the only diapers I have been able to get my hands on and they are awesome! For me, they hold about two regular wettings.

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    i was like 13 or 14 the last time i had a goodnight to try. ive seen what people say about them, and im with you mostly as i don't remember them being that bad, although i do agree that #2 isn't good in any pull-on style diaper. I've been tempted to try goodnights again, as im fairly sure i could still fit them. I will say though even without trying them that, they are nothing like a good premium diaper. My Abena M4 can take 3 floodings and then some or 5 or more regular wettings, they are amazing.

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    most people who may try n wear them are too big for them. and will squeeze themselves into one. and then if they flood them, they are already stretched and they just cant absorb as quickly as its coming out. so theyd leak.

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    I fall into the "Too Big for Good Nights" category that babymeggy insultingly put me in But I love the Girls XL good nights, and have even worn them all day. Admittedly they don't hold a days worth, but as long as you are careful about how you flood, such as stand up, slow down...they hold plenty, far more then the intended use I believe. I love my Sissy Diapers, but sometimes the lower profile...even look of the Pull Ups is what I prefer. I wear them every week. I too have never understood the haters. They seem to want to flood a diaper day and night and never have it leak! All diapers need changed eventually...And adult diapers are ugly.

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    I find them too thin, not very absorbent, and too small for my ~30" waist... They're not my cup of tea...

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    I really like pull ups and Goodnites! I like the prints, I feel like I can fit into them easily enough.

    Yes, they are more snug than the adult diapers, but I think a slim fit can also look appealing

    There are adult diapers that have prints on them also, and I do like to have a diaper that is big because it makes me feel so little!!

    I have wet my pull ups and Goodnites, but I haven't really tested how much they can hold so I couldn't tell you that from experience yet.

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    I really love the goodnites. They are practically my new underwear now, except for when I'm at work where I tend to sweat. I tried them for the first time a few weeks ago and it was the first diaper I ever tried on besides the makeshift ones I always made. I have a 30in waist, they fit snug but in a good way. It feels just like a regular diaper, but it is very discrete under jeans. Wearing just one is kinda thin though, so I usually wear two. Also fun to sleep in them as well. As far as performance goes, they hold pretty good but I don't go in them in public, unless I really have to. I tend to only do that if I'm alone. Oh, and I wouldn't advise no 2 in them, prob wont hold well, plus I'm not a no 2 guy anyway.

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    Goodnites were the first "diapers" I ever purchased on my own. When I got them, they fit, but were very, very snug. Last time I tried them they started to split about 3/4s of the way up my thighs. oh well. They are definitely a good "beginner" product, for sure. Fairly cheap and easy to get your hands on.

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    I love the design and such, but I'm too big for them. I have to squeeze into them, so they just don't hold much and I have to be careful wetting them. If they came in a bigger size, they would be my favorites.

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