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Thread: Going to my first munch... and bringing my husband.

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    Default Going to my first munch... and bringing my husband.

    So, after a search I didn't find much to address this... Saturday, the 21, I will be going to my first littles munch. This will be new for me, as I have only been in the company of one other AB before. Now I'm looking at possibly six. And, because I didn't want him to feel left out, I invited my husband to come with me.

    My husband is a non-traditional DL, by that I mean he rarely uses disposable or cloth diapers, he prefers to make his own out of nylon or silky-smooth fabric. He really does embrace my little side, and does indulge me now and then, but age play isn't really our domain. Our commonality in the DL is based on the sexual side, and age play to him is very new and something he is getting used to.

    It is important to me that I share this side with him. He already knows that a munch isn't a fetish party or a sexual event. What he is most concerned about is being in a public environment with that many AB/DL/littles and feeling like the eyes of the world are upon him. I've reassured him that we won't be dressing in fetish gear and that it will be plain-clothes, no exposed diapers or anything. He still seems edgy but now I think it's more of his usual social anxiety about meeting people.

    I'm worried that he won't have a good time, but if he does, at least he won't feel bad or envious if I go on my own to the next one. I'm proud of his honesty and open-mindedness, but then again, I don't quite know what to expect either. HAs anyone else brought their S.O. to a munch?

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    Honestly, I have never been to a munch! I have been seeing them on fetlife and hoping to go VERY soon though!

    However, when I did have a daddy (Well, it's still up in the air honestly, it's a hurtful situation kind of) Him and I have talked about it, and he wasn't as interested in going just because he is a daddy, and isn't into AB/DL aside from the fact that he is interested in me as an individual. He mostly wanted to go to be sure I was safe.

    I may be taking my best guy friend with me when I do go though! He is interested and curious about AB/DL, and I think it would be super cool to have my best friend share in this with me ^_^

    I am anxious to hear how your first experience goes!! Please post after you go!! And good luck to you both!!!!

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