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    Yesterday I emailed Unique Wellness to let them know that I had a bag of their briefs that had some defects( pinholes,missing tapes,hard spots,etc).So when they replied back they were very rude and argumentative like i was just trying to get free money or free product also quoting policy about how I could not use the whole bad and then ask for a refund. so a whole lot of assuming went on as I still have over half the bag left. I did not ask them for anything I just wanted them to know there was a problem with the product and thats all. I know alot of the members here already dont like their product but for those that do or were thinking about using unique wellness I would recommend against it. Thanks for listning :-)

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    I got a free one from pacifiers r us a couple of weeks ago. I used it but I'm not impressed with them at all. I ordered a case of Tena Slip Maxi's today. BTW ordered them from Gary
    at XP Medical.

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    Xp medical is great, Gary evans is the most helpful person I have ever met and when I have had a problem with a product i bought from him it was always taken care of however he saw fit and i have always been happy with his service!

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    I use tranquility ATNs and they usually send you new product and a prepaid package to send the defective product back. The last time I had a problem with the tapes stuck on diaper holding it closed I sent pics of problem and the sent me two diapers for the one damage product and didnt send the prepaid package or ask for damage product. I still have the damage diaper. Which one could use duct tape or packaging tape to use diaper. I will probably never use it but keep it forever

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