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    So I recently bought myself some Molicare diapers. I really like them, they are super comfortable and I really enjoy the feel of them. Not to mention they are decently high capacity, and they aren't too loud so I can get away with wearing them in my house.

    But for the life of me, I can't figure out how to get these things on properly. Can anyone offer some advice? I feel like the tapes are always popping off or not sticking well. I don't really understand this whole two tape thing...there's the blue thing underneath the white thing and apparently they are seperate tapes? I don't get it. I'd really like to wear these more often, but maybe since I predominately wear Bambino and Tena I'm just dumb.


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    Is it the super plus? They have a two part tape system, one adhesive and one removable. Once taped up that's where the second ones have to land again.

    The super plus are pretty good, but I prefer a nappy that doesn't tape up around the legs.
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    Yes, it's the Super Plus. Seems like a great diaper but the two tape system is confusing the hell out of me!

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    Yeah, it is a two tape thing. When you use them, just pull the blue tab and use that to stick it to the front. The only time you should need to take the white tabs off from the blue is if you put the tape in the wrong spot to begin with and i use them to make it easier to take them off when i need to change.

    However, i know exactly what you mean with the tapes popping off. Something that the molicares do frequently i have found. What i usually do is after sticking the tape down gently rub over the top to give it a bit of heat which helps the adhesive stick a bit better. If that still doesnt work for you then just use some sticky (or cello) tape over the tops to reinforce them. I use the tape over the top because i like my nappy to remain snug and i find that over time the tapes will loosen so using extra tape will help stop this.

    Hope that helps

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    if your tapes are popping off frequently, (unless you got a bad batch) you're doing something that's fouling the adhesive on them. the worst thing is lotion, on your hands and transferring to the front panel when you handle your diaper. If you use lotion, WASH your hands thoroughly and DRY them before handing your diaper.

    powder can also have that affect though not as much.

    oil from your fingers can also foul the tapes. Try to always avoid touching the sticky part of the tape with your fingers. Handling your diaper much before putting it on may lead to finger oil on the front panel, which can be as bad as baby oil/lotion.

    Try to avoid having to move the tapes - know where you're going to place them before you peel up a tab off the back. Most movable tapes are good for one move, two at the very most. Secure them down with duct tape if you need to. Overlap the entire tape plus 1-2 inches in BOTH directions with a half-width strip of duct tape. I keep a few 7" x 1" strips of duct tape hanging in my diaper cabinet in case I need them.

    Once you place the tape, rub firmly in a small circle on the back of the tape to "set" the adhesive. It'll set on its own in time, but for the first 20 min or so after sticking down, if it's not set, it's more likely to pop off.

    don't tape too tight. for a DL it's tempting to want to get a nice snug diaper. But the tapes aren't meant for that. Try loosening up a bit. Sitting down will change your hip geometry, and so will curling up on your side in bed. It places extra strain on your tapes (usually the lowers moreso), so you NEED to leave a little slack if you're going to be sitting or curling.

    there's a lot more to it than that, but hopefully that takes care of the majority of your problem.

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