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Thread: Still more questions - sissy edition

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    Default Still more questions - sissy edition

    So those who remember me will not be surprised, but i have more questions. While i am a christian, i actualy try to live it, though i am far from perfect. The bible makes 2 things clear, even in the ot, only god can judge, and we are to love everyone regardless. So any hate-christian has stopped being a christian probably long ago. I say this to make it clear that i am not going to hate anyone for their answers. So... What is the attraction for sissys? How does it affect you spiritualy? Why the big deal about pink? Did it not long ago actualy be a color for little boys? I hear that being a muted version of red, a warrior color, it was popular for little boys. If so then it does not seem girly to me. It is just a color. Though i am not a sissy as a little boy my favorite color was pink. Does it have anything to do with the fact that they used to, long ago, dress girls and boys alike until 5ish? I have seen a picture of my grandpa in a dress as a baby. He is in his late 70s. Granny explained it to me. What does the bf initial mean on 1 or 2 sissy members info mean?

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    I'm not a sissy/LG myself but I'm dating one and I studied gender issues in college so I can attempt to answer this one. Hopefully someone else can answer about spirituality. I just figured out just now what BF stands for - it means "baby fur" and it's part of the subsection of ABDLs who enjoy dressing up in animal costumes. Anyway, I'll try to explain the sociological aspects and the color pink.

    You're right about color associations to gender being a construct of society and culture rather than inherent. Pink indeed used to be the preferred colors for boys, whereas light blue used to be the preferred color for females. It has changed through the ages. Obviously no color is inherently connected to biological gender. It's only based on culture, and it varies according to cultures, as well.

    The thing is, though, that this is where people get their fetishes from. Much of it is based on societal norms and/or the subverting of them, rather than anything purely biological (a.k.a. 'nature'). For example, most young diaper lovers prefer the plastic backed diapers - culturally popular during their time of discovering they were into diapers and/or the diaper they themselves wore as a baby. Older diaper lovers prefer cloth diapers - the current diaper of their time when they realized they enjoyed diapers and/or wore themselves as babies. Some people prefer the cloth diapers even though they grew up after disposables were popular, and thus this probably means they are idealizing a time-period and their other baby clothes and items may be similarly anachronistic. Or there's other reasons, like that just prefer the feel of cloth diapers to disposables. Fetishes aren't purely based on cultural norms. But, cultural norms play a big part in it.

    Sissies and LGs tend to like pink (though not all of them do) because pink is the current color associated with girls. Especially, it's associated with little girls, which drives the association even closer to an ABDL perspective. I imagine that back in the day, in the early 1900s (when light blue meant girls) then sissy/LG men would often opt for light blue clothes.

    The whole nature of being a sissy is deeply entrenched in current gender issues. Women and men are not equal currently. Women and men still have strong guidelines on exactly how to behave, how to dress, how to express emotions, and how to generally live their lives. Things are changing, of course, but still today there is a huge gender divide. I won't go into whether it's nature or nurture (in my opinion it's a mixture) but the fact is that there's still a big difference between being a male versus being a female - and some of those differences are pure social constructs. Therefore, this is why sissies, cross-dressers, little girls, etc, exist in the first place. Without this aspect of society, it probably wouldn't happen, other than in cases where it was purely based on genitalia and a person's distaste for his/her own. (That would be people who are transgender, however.)

    So 'little girls' (LGs) wear pink because in today's society... little girls wear pink. They are mirroring their counterpart. They aren't pulling ideas of thin air. They are pulling ideas out of their own culture. In other cultures, I'm positive, cross-dressers etc. will cross-dress into the (most) feminine wear of their counterparts. That's also why many sissies prefer dresses to pants. I wear jeans all the time. They aren't matching my idea of feminine. They are matching the idea of feminine - the societal ideal - and that means dresses and skirts. That means soft, gentle sweaters. That means silk and lace and satin. The most feminine of feminine clothing. And, totally, lots of it will be gentle, soft colors like pink and yellow and other pastels, including also light blue!

    I hope that helps. If I'm wrong, sissies/LGs please correct me. I aim to understand better, not to think I understand.

    PS: You might want to read Adventurer's article which explains sissies and little girls to anyone curious about them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CuriousOne View Post
    What does the bf initial mean on 1 or 2 sissy members info mean?
    Baby Fur

    The big deal about pink is this I think: when you're a little boy it's the colour of things that are not for you, they're for girls. Girls are much more free to adopt things which are "for boys" - if they grew up in the last 30 years anyway. Boys still get a pretty firm NO, and for most boys that's fine, but there are a small number who react (to quote Zaphod Beeblebrox) "If they don't want us to have it that badly, I want it EVEN WORSE!" If it wasn't forbidden, it wouldn't be fetishised.

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    Frogsy has described the personal aspects of being a sissy/LG far better than I ever could. (It seems I've taught you well!) As a Christian who is an LG and a sissy (they're similar but separate identities), I can try and explain what it means to me on a spiritual level.

    Many think the theology of being a sissy/LG, or any sort of cross dresser, is very simple. There's one verse in the Bible on the subject of cross dressing, Deuteronomy 22:5 - “A woman shall not wear a man's garment, nor shall a man put on a woman's cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God". Pretty simple, on the surface. Cross-dressing appears to be an evil act, so why say anything else? Because it's not that simple.

    If you believe this verse to be applicable, then it stands to reason that the rest of Deuteronomy 22 still stands as applicable. In that case, the following things are also sins:

    -Not building a parapet on top of a new house (22:8).
    -Using two types of seed in the same vineyard (22:9). (Crop rotation and co-planting being universal farming practice today).
    -Wearing clothes that include more than one type of fabric (22:11).
    -Wearing clothes that don't include tassels on the corners (22:12).

    So why does the law about cross dressing still get bandied about, while other laws from the same chapter are forgotten? Most of the ceremonial laws of the Old Testament are no longer in effect - they were rituals that were rendered needless by the coming of Christ. That would include this law, I believe. But cross dressing is "weird", and often incorrectly believed to be wrapped up with homosexuality, something the modern church has decided it's OK to hate. So they make an easy target for people looking to toss a few stones.

    For these reasons, I don't think being a sissy/LG is wrong, from a Christian perspective. But what does it add? I think you're more looking for "How does being a sissy or an LG affect your spiritual life?" Well, it's still a work in progress, but here's my answer:

    One big thing that it adds is that it keeps me humble before God. One big danger we run into as Christians is the mindset of looking down our noses at the "sinners" who are different from us. Being the way I am has reminded me that I'm a person in need of love and acceptance despite my differences, too. What right do I have to judge another when I'm sitting in a dress and diapers? I'm different in my own way, and just as vulnerable to rejection from others. So that motivates me to love the outcasts and the unloved, the way Jesus did so many times in the Gospels. I know the fear of rejection, and the unconditional love Jesus modeled for us, and I want to share the love with those who only know the fear.

    On another level, being an LG is heavily wrapped up in emotions for me. Us men are expected to be strong and never complain, never show weakness. But following God is all about confessing our shortcomings and the wrongs we've done. I don't share how I'm feeling very often, aside from a few recent blogs. Emotional authenticity is hard for me. But when I'm in little girl mode, I find myself being very real with my feelings and very honest with myself! When I dress up, I find myself able to be much more overflowing in my love of God, more honest about my fears, and more joyful about who he is. Things I find so hard to do as an adult come so naturally as a little girl! This "condition", which others could call a disgusting sin, is actually something God uses to bring real worship. The authenticity of being an LG has become a part of my spirituality, for sure.

    One passage that's inspired me a lot as a Christian AB is Matthew 18:1-5. The parallel almost seems like a joke - becoming like a little child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I think there's a deeper meaning, though. Children aren't concerned with propriety or looking a certain way. They come as they are, without trying to clean up or look proper. And if they're coming to someone they love, they're often quite over the top in their expression of love! Being an LG helps me to be like that for God: very happy and very real in my feelings of love. Even now, at a time when I'm really questioning a lot of things I've been taught and growing to distrust the church more, my love for Jesus is as strong as ever. I still see the God who loves so truly - and even more clearly because of the last of me that sees things like a little girl.

    Feel free to reply or send a private message if you have any questions. I hope this was helpful!

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    thanks for all the input, and rather than make a new topic i will just post more here. Here goes: how is one generally defined as a sissy or lg? Is there a difference? I like many men recall school days when a sissy ment any femenen(the correct spelling eludes me i will no doubt remember just after posting or when i am trying to sleep tonight.) male. How is it defined here?

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    I really think you need to read Adventurer's article which has the answers to all those questions. It defines LG, defines Sissy, and explains the differences between them. The link is in my first post (above) to your questions, at the very end in the PS. That should answer all your questions, but if not, feel free to ask what else you need to know!

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    Default confused

    ahh must have missed it before. But having read it i now feel awkward as other than the lack of cross-dressing and pretending to be a girl the lg part fits me. Can not figure what that means. Combine that with the fact that when i play online games i often use female characters... And i can not figure out what that says about me. Then i remember that my favourite color is often pink and if not for religious reasons i might well have expirimented with my curiousity. Advice? Confused now.
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    Well, it could mean just about anything. If the emotional side of it appeals to you, I think that's pretty normal among adult babies. But maybe you are curious about trying out some more feminine activities when you regress, or even trying out pretending to be a girl. In the end, only you know what you're curious about trying. So here's my advice: if you're not hurting anyone, yourself included, there's nothing wrong with it.

    I know the guilt feeling really well, believe me. In my case, I wanted to cross dress and pretend to be a little girl when I regressed. So I spent years thinking I had some sort of freakish perversion. But here's the thing: God made me the way I am for a reason. Like I said above, even if other Christians might disagree, I know God doesn't condemn me.

    It's the same with you. Maybe you want to add some more feminine elements to your baby play. And I know, the "macho" undertones in a lot of Christian culture make that difficult. But remember, there is NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8 / the whole Bible). You're OK the way you are. You don't have to worry that parts of your AB expression are bad. You - the whole you - are OK.

    So whatever it is you want go try, if it's safe and not going to infringe on anyone's freedom, go for it. You may like it, you may not. But there's no need to feel guilty over what you like. Give it a try, and remember that you don't stand condemned Have fun, and enjoy it!

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    Normally, I have little to no desire to feel like a girl, dress like one, etc. But when I'm diapered and regressing, I do. I indulge this desire by wearing pink plastic panties with my diapers. I also have some pink training pants from Baby Pants. I say this to illustrate that there's another side to what we do. I think I have a need for embarrassment. I suspect this has its roots from when I was a very young child. If you wet your pants you were made fun of. If you cried you were called a sissy, or a girl, etc. I suspect that much of what we feel as adults, and act out upon, has its roots in early childhood trauma.

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    Default hmm

    i think the same. Seems like the only way to not get bullied is to be the bully. I was always sinsitive myself. Always being told to grow a thick skin and deal with it. You theory sounds good to me. Yeah thanks for the input dogboy. I might try that myself. Might be nice, a release of having to show no emotions or vulnerability. It suits my little side odly enough.
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