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Thread: Hiding diapers in my apartment/dorm help. I layed out the room dynamics I just need some input (its a little long of a post too).

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    Exclamation Hiding diapers in my apartment/dorm help. I layed out the room dynamics I just need some input (its a little long of a post too).

    I know this question gets thrown around a lot but if someone can please take the time to help me out that would be awesome!

    I live in a two bedroom apartment on campus with my brother. In our own rooms with have a desk, a desk drawer that looks like this, a bed, a closet that looks like this and a big dresser that has an option to attach a look only to the top drawer.

    Now that you kind of know the dynamics to my room my next quesetion is where should I hide my diapers. I have roughly 48 diapers being shipped need an idea of an ideal spot so that my brother won't one day randomly walk in.

    My idea was to put the diapers in my closet and have my hanging clothes cover them and placing some diapers in a bag under my bed. I could always close my door when I am not home because my door automatically locks and you need a personal key to open it.

    Once again if someone could be please help me that would be great!

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    I'd be careful on how I would proceed, but if your door locks when you're not there and you keep it closed when you are you should be alright. Hiding them in the closet seems like the best place to me as they'll be hidden, and someone would literally have to be able to root through your closet to find them. I don't like them under the bed...someone could easily drop something, bend down to pick it up and get an eyeful.

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    48 diapers can take up a little or a lot of room depending on the diaper. 48 bambinod is an entire case, and would completely fill both of the big drawers in your first picture. But even 48 thin diapers is going to take up 1/3 to 1/2 that. I suspect you are going to regret having ordered before having sorted out your stash.

    Fastest solution right now would be to go get a lockable trunk. With a room that small you aren't going to be able to discretely hide anything large, you're just going to have to settle for "obviously hiding something but hard to tell what"

    Or consider one of those plastic storage things that rolls under the bed. Great for storing bedding, and "other stuff". Get two, two fit under a twin nicely. They're clear tupperware ish things. You should be able to lay a sheet in one, fill the cavity with diapers, and pull the sheet over it and close it. (prevents the contents from being seen through the plastic when closed) They'd have to pull it out and open it to know what was in there. Not secure, but fairly stealthy. Use one to store your bedding and one for your padding.

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    I have not ordered 48 diapers yet...I was thinking about it. Right now I can discreetly hide around 12 diapers. But I want to have an ample amount of diapers in my room so I am not constantly ordering diapers all the time.

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    lots of diapers in a small shared room is a tough order. My suggestions stand. Lockable chest, or pair of under-bed rolling plastic totes.

    I got mine at Home Depot. They look a bit like this one:

    Underbed Plastic Rolling Box | review | Kaboodle

    but mine have a hinge in the middle and each end snaps down and lifts up so you don't have to take off this giant top to get in. there's another I found just now that has the double openings but lacks the wheels. you may not need the wheels.

    So one suggestion is stealthy, the other is secure. due to lack of space, you'll have to pick.

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    Sorry if I didn't mention it but I have my own room and my roommate has his own room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infantmess92 View Post
    Sorry if I didn't mention it but I have my own room and my roommate has his own room.
    I would still go with either if space is an issue. is your roomie a snoop? will having a lockable chest attract too much attention? The under-the-bed storage has a very good chance of not being disturbed by anyone but a snoop, there'd be no excuse to pull one out and open it up. or if they ask why the lockable chest tell them you have a large porn collection you want to keep safe That'll either shut them up or risk them asking you to share.

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    I wouldn't say he is so much of a snoop, but with the whole hiding diapers thing you get paranoid. I am still trying to figure out ways to hide 48 diapers. I can easily hide 16 in a bag under my bed with no problems because its in a dark corner. But I still don't know what to do with the other 32 diapers. By the way thank you for your quick input.

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    I have a lockable tote that I keep in the closet, but every one in my home knows about my need for diapys, even mommys mate.
    I keep my naughty stuff in it but dont lock it unless mommy is having visitors over.

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    Car trunk and back pack. If you have your own car, this is the best option. Why would anyone need to get into your trunk? It is locked 99.9% of the time. And when you are away from home, it is with you. If you need to bring some in, pack it up in a backpack and slip it in, then hide small amounts at a time in your locking desk drawer. Otherwise... keep the majority of your stash in your car trunk. Just don't leave dirty ones in there for long. It will smell up your entire car.

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