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    Default Cleaning up?

    I just wet my goodnite and I have class soon. Is the smell of a wet goodnite noticeable once you take it off? I think it is, but I'm also a bit paranoid in that department.

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    I think it is. I used scented baby powder, lilacs and it is AMAZING how much it kills the smell.

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    I would definitely wash with soap and water before venturing out...

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    Yeah, do wash. It really does smell. There's always a bottle of febreeze nearby whenever I wear because of said smell. After I'm done wearing I take a nice shower before doing ANYTHING out in public or around others. If you're strapped for time, do what pulluplover said I guess. You could also just hop into the shower really quick and wash just that part of your body.

    The smell is the one part of the experience that turns me off. I've gotten to the point where I just wear my goodnites for days without using them because they're much better dry. Using them is still fun to me but I don't do it as often because of the hassle.

    Also, you could possibly just not wet before you have class so a situation like this doesn't arise again. I only wear when I know I have NOTHING to do during the day, I don't take any risks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    I would definitely wash with soap and water before venturing out...
    Agreed. The urine will start to smell and the smell isn't pleasant. Sometimes my eyes water when I'm around old wet diapers. The ammonia from it will get to you. lol

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    This is my cleaning up routine:

    -Take off my wet and/or poopy diaper.
    -Turn on shower, and lather up my 'diaper area' with nice smelling soap.
    -Rinse off and repeat again.
    -Dry myself off and use a small amount of moisturiser in my 'diaper area'.
    -I then check to make sure everything is smelling great and all traces of urine & excrement are eradicated.

    “Cheese Wiz, Gee Whiz, YOU SMELL FAN-DABBY-DOOZEY”

    Gee Whiz, Cheese Whiz, YOU SMELL FAN-DABBY-DOOZEY ! !

    I know this may seem very thorough, but I take pride in smelling fantastic.. when out of diapers.

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    I wake up wet every morning regardless if I want to or not. In many cases I'm strapped for time so I'll use a few large wipes to clean myself up. I have never noted any smell issues aside from a sweaty guy smell when it is hot out. When I decide to mess, which is rare these days I take the diaper off in the shower and wash up real well. I'll have a large plastic bag for the used diaper to go into as soon as it comes off.

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    how bad urine smells depends a lot on how watered down it is. The more you drink, the more dilute your urine will be, and the less it will smell to start with. It'll also affect how soon it "gets ripe". Stale urine will make you smelling like a bathroom urinal, and you may not be the first one to notice it.

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    i have noticed as long as i use my wipes really good, and then add my baby powder the only smell i have then is that of a fresh diapy

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