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Thread: What is *B/DL?

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    Default What is *B/DL?

    This is my first real day looking around here on the forums, I joined here recently

    I have seen the term " *B/DL" used a few times, and I am wondering if it means the same thing as AB/DL or if they are two different terms?

    And I am also curious as to why some people use one over the other?

    Thank you guys for the help!!

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    I've been wondering about *B/DL myself as I see it being used but have no idea what it means either.

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    It might be because some who are 18 or 19 still call themselves Teen Babies. TB Taking the A off and replacing it with *. So we have which ever baby you want to call yourself. *B/DL would stand for TB or AB.

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    wow I didn't know this either but I had seen it a few times around this site. but thanx for clayifieing it for me as well.


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    The asterisk (*) is often a wildcard in computing. The question mark (?) is usually used to represent just a single character, but I guess *B/DL "looks" better than ?B/DL...

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    Yeah, its to encompass Teen Babies as well, but there are not really very many of those around anymore since the age restrictions.

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