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Thread: What diaper do you really want to get your hands on?

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    Default What diaper do you really want to get your hands on?

    It's never enough, is it. The search for the perfect wave, the best toy, the coolest game and, of course, the best diaper.

    Prior to the advent of the internet, there were mail orders and brick and mortar stores that sold decent diapers. I can't remember how many times I would check out a new medical supply or pharmacy in a different town just to see what they had. These days, much easier. However, finances, fiances and parents can get in the way. So, what diaper are you dying to try out, but haven't had the chance yet?

    For me it would be the Fabine and Bambino Bellissimo. The former are difficult to find, if not impossible, in the U.S., but the latter I may end up ordering soon, especially with the delay in Dry 24-7 production.

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    All the quality ones New Zealand don't get. Wouldn't mind giving Fabines a try.
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    At this point I want to give those Fabine diapers a go. I have not gone into any serious research onto how to obtain these (I live in England), but I imagine that it would be expensive to have these fantastic-looking diapers shipped to my house.

    One day I will get hold of them...

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    Alot of the diapers that ars sold in the UK and Europe but not in the USA like:
    Vlesi Slip
    Attends (uk version is awesome)
    Id slip

    I have tried all of these and hold them in high regard much better than 95% of the crap offered in the USA, at least we can get abena and the tena slip maxi over here. Also for those pining for the fabines dont worry too much they are kinda lackluster and overkill at the same time but are fun to wear on special occasions

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    ANYTHING better than the Walgreens/CVS brands. I'm not too picky at this point. Though I have had a fancy for Tena and even those Aww So Cute ones.

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    Bambino Teddies, although in reality I'd be happy just to have Walmart brand ones >_<

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    I've never worn anything other than goodnites so honestly my uh "wishlist" is basically anything better than a pull-up diaper.

    Dry Nights 24/7 look great(I guess they're not making them currently or something???), so do some of the bambinos. Basically anything that is both really comfy and can hold quite a bit. Goodnites really don't do either all that well.

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    Fabines, Cuddlz, god knows what other Euro brands that look so much cuter than ones sold in the US v.v

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