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Thread: shaving diapered area or not

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    Default shaving diapered area or not

    I'm trying to decide if it is worth shaving down there, because i know it can get itchy at least at first. But it would also be easier to keep clean.

    So what do you all find is the better way to go? Shaved or not?

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    Shave, the hairs can become inflamed if you don't. Use an electric razor, depending on how fast the hair grows back , you will know how many times a week you need to do it.

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    It's worth it to keep it clean for hygiene and odor control. Makes for easier diaper changes and clean up.

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    I have to agree that furless is the way to go for both comfort and hygiene.

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    You should shaving it. It is good for the hygiene.

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    Wow, so far surprisingly unanimous.

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    You need to remember that baby's don't have hair down there.

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    Being hairless really gets me in the baby mindset anyways. I usually shave everything off my body :P

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    While I can agree with shaving down there, my personal economy says no, cant quite do it on a regular basis

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    Definitely shave.

    I use a Phillips BodyGroom every day. I have to, as it grows ~1mm/day, which makes it quite a chore to keep in check and gives me ingrown hairs very quickly and easily.

    I've been considering some more permanent, or at least longer lasting solution, but I'm getting conflicting messages as to how to do it (waxing, pulling one by one, nair, epilator or lazors (pew-pew)).

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