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Thread: My Girlfriend bearly changes me :/

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    Default My Girlfriend bearly changes me :/

    My girlfriend is very aware of my interest and will partake in more intimate acts involving diapers but it's hard to get her to change my used diapers at times. She used to do it a lot more but then she just stopped doing it even when I ask... What should I do about asking her.. although this is weirdly put I just feel awkward asking her to change me more often does that make sense?

    Experience? any advice?

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    I would not ask her I mean your lucky enough she understand you so pushing it may push away from you. Maybe she not comfortable about anymore.

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    Are your used diapers just wet or are they messed? Most people are more willing to change wet diapers than messy ones. It makes sense that you feel awkward asking her to change you, that will always be an awkward/embarrassing thing to ask. If she isn't changing your diaper even when you ask then it's possible she no longer wants to. Understand that having a girlfriend who understands and supports you wearing diapers is very lucky. Respect and be prepared that she might no longer want to change you. As for asking her, do just that. Just ask her why she no longer changes you and if she doesn't want to do so anymore.

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    That's rather grizzly of hear. If she doesn't want to change you then she just might not be too interested. At least she is cool w/ your kinks.

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    Thanks guys and gals all of your comments are nice and all diffrent prespectives I will never try to push changing on her but I will ask lightly I think that is the best option. I know I am very lucky to have somone of support but changing kind of is part of being an ABDL and something I fantasize about often. I do mess my diapers ocassionally and I don't even dare ask her to change those I mean sometimes I do, but if she refuses I don't push that at all because I understand. I love her very much and I thank all of you for giving your perspective

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