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    Hey guys, so this is my first post on sooo yeah....

    Anyways, I'll get straight into it, I'm a guy who is currently in the middle of his 10th grade at high school, I am incredibly open minded, I do like to help people a lot, I do like to listen to people and I love to have the general feeling of having people I can trust with anything I wish around me.

    I came to actually to just see exactly how other AB/DL's manage to keep this side of us under control and how to control the urges we do get with this entire fetish (of course, referring to AB/DL as a unified object :P). Just a quick note on how I managed to stumble upon diapers in the first place for those people wanting to know. I happened to start wearing diapers when I was about 9-10ish. I wore for a few years, until about 3 years ago, where my parents found out and it sorta ended. About a year ago I met a girl which happened to spark this side of me back up, and also happened to be the closest person I have in my life (I will perhaps talk about her a little later for those wanting to know, not going into her personal details but yeah...).

    I honestly want to just relax and talk about this entire fetish in a mature and adult way, and if anyone needs advice or just wants to talk, I'm happy to volunteer as said person to talk to!

    Based on what I've seen during the month or two just browsing the site, honestly seems to be home to an amazing and mature community of people who all at heart have one thing in common, and I hope I will soon be part of this community.

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    Heyla, jcm2006.
    So, this is a great place to get answers to questions like that, we aim to be more of a supportive sort of community and less about the newest twist to our mutual idiosyncrasy. The mature, rational discussion is definitely what many of us aim for, although like anywhere we do have our over-excited newcomers.

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    Hi jcm! I am new here as well. I was drawn to this site for the same reasons as you said, to talk to other people with the same interest in diapers in a mature way. What I learned from this site so far is that you should embrace your interests and be true to yourself. I am here to talk and give advice as well. If you have any questions myself and many others are here with answers.

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