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Thread: Best way to wet?

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    Default Best way to wet?

    I've wet in many diapers, and in most of them, I usually just stand up.

    Is wetting on your knees any easier?

    Oh, and when I do it, sometimes my penis burns a little (I'm assuming from the uric acid). Any way to not let this happen?

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    Wetting in different positions takes practice, or doing it again and again, but I would be concerned about the burning. It could be that you diaper is too tight around the front? My other suggestion is to hydrate, drinking enough water or fluid so that there is less acidic content.

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    I agree with dogboy more water if there is still burning there is something wrong. Try not to hold it in, of you feel the need let it go.

    What ever position/place is the easiest for you just keeping doing that. Eventually it would get easier to pee in doesn't positions but stick to your normal for a little.

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    Positions are all about confidence, try them in situations where you don't have to worry about leaks.

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    Standing and bending the knees slightly with your legs spread a bit apart is the easiest. But the occasional accident at night seems to just happen while I am laying down obviously. On my side is the most difficult to consciously let go, but I sleep in many different positions at night (front, back, etc.).

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    when i first started it was hard even while standing, i found if i stood in front of the toilet and put my hand over my crotch it was easy, then i got to being able to do it away from the toilet but still touching myself, then i got to where i could do it without touching myself. nowadays i can do it in practically any position, many times though i get pee shy if im around others, or if laying in bed or whatever. its more about relaxing your mind and body and just calmly letting it flow, sometimes ill just get a little squirt or dribble. no matter how im doing it though, if i can just get that little start, then it becomes much much easier to continue or even force it out and flood myself.

    About the burning, is the tip touching the padding with pressure? or even are you erect when trying to pee? when erect, the opening to your urethra will open much easier and wider than normal. which then the sensitive tissue inside coming into contact with the cottony material will more than likely create a bit of a burning sensation. Try and make sure your relaxed and that your tip isnt coming into rough contact with the padding. Over time you might get used to the sensation or the tissue will become less susceptible to it, and it wont bother you anymore. Like the others have said too, if your not drinking enough fluids it can cause your urine to become very concentrated and possibly irritating. i find this to be unlikely though, if your not drinking enough fluids you would know, your body will tell you in many ways(like headaches, or thirst).

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    The best eay to wet is with your diaper securely fastened to your bottom

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    Quote Originally Posted by mayeyeplease View Post
    The best eay to wet is with your diaper securely fastened to your bottom
    lol. I can wet in any position except laying down. If I'm in bed I have to sit up to get the flow going even if my bladder is bursting in pain.

    Frankly I'm okay with that as I really don't want to wet the bed because I don't wear diapers every night or day and it's not really fun to wake up in a soaked bed. "At least for me it isn't". Had enough of those soaked beds/clothes from age 5 up until 17 and I'm glad my bed wetting stopped.

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    When i 1st started to wear i had a real problem with wetting when laying in bed i don't know why i just could not make pee pee laying down.
    But over time it has become much easier to the point that i don't even think about it i wake up make pee pee and falling straight back to sleep.

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    Thats interesting Little Leo. I often wondered if I would wake ever wake up wet. I dream I am in the bathroom sometimes and have to remind myself it is a dream. Now I am trying to untrain myself to let it go when I am in that dream. I will say it would be horrible if I was at my mothers house and if that were to happen. I had a night emission that I constantly worried the "what if." What if it was not a night emission. My mother just asked me to give her the bed sheet so she could wash it.

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