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Thread: Gaming wile Diapered

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    Default Gaming wile Diapered

    There didn't seem to be a Thread for this so I guess I'll be the first.

    Heya Everyone,

    I hope everyone had a great Holliday weekend because I sure did ^^. Now that Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn is now released, I decided to spend all three days playing it. While doing this, I did so wearing diapers. I ended up having an extremely full diaper on Monday morning, which to me at least, feels so good being so squishy and warm. I used a Wellness Brief and poked a hole into it so that my penis is away from the messy portion of the diaper and then covered it up with a Bambino Bellissimo diaper which held the pee excellent. This had been one of the best diaper experiences that I have had in recent years. I just wanted to share my experience you all you guys. .

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    That is a really cool idea to poke a hole in the diaper. I got to try that sometime when I plan staying in the same diaper for a while.

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    Diapered gaming is the best if you want to really settle into a long session. I play a lot of retro games, and with things like the original Sonic the Hedgehog or Streets of Rage (a favourite of mine) you don't have any save function, so to avoid having to pause, and potentially loose the game, diapers are the best idea!

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    Ive done this before. Gotta love when you get a new game and you want to complete the process. I swear that poor diaper knew who was boss by the end of New Mario Bros. WII ^.^

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    When I really really got into DC Universe Online I was one of the best tanks on the US server, and in one of the best leagues. And this was actually a thing. In World of Warcraft, DCUO, and a few other big MMO games the top players will wear a diaper so if they have to go during a raid they won't have to leave, it's known as a "raid diaper".

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    Its nice to know that im not the only padded gamer out there I go for the retro, but yeah, I got padded a few weeks back and played and beat The original Legend of Zelda on my NES.

    Its just so nice to be able to kick back and play, not worrying about spoiling the moments with pausing and a trip to the potty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dracowolf92 View Post
    Ive done this before. Gotta love when you get a new game and you want to complete the process. I swear that poor diaper knew who was boss by the end of New Mario Bros. WII ^.^
    Good that you show the diaper who is the boss.

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    Yep last night No sleep but played GTA 5 till sun rise and no need for any potty breaks This is when nappies go from enjoyable to practical and useful Giggles or may be i am just lazy.

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    i alwas wear a diaper when im playing runescape or fifa online on my xbox

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