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Thread: Foley Catheter Regection

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    Unhappy Foley Catheter Regection

    I haven't used a catheter in over 3 years, since I first got injured but constantly got UTI's after a day or two, even with silicone caths.

    I use a 16FR, and was going to give it another try, to elude diapers for a while and maybe get on a cath system.

    I have a nuerogenic bladder disorder, resulting in nerve damage to my sacral and lumbar regions in my spine. I basically void everything in my bladder whenever I stand, sit up, squat or bend over. Anything that puts pressure onto my bladder after filling to only 140-200ml, roughly half the average bladder size. If it fills more, it becomes painful and cramping occurs, resulting in me having to jump up or maneuver into a position that my bladder can empty.

    Tonight I inserted a Foley Cath, but after 10 minutes the pain was unbarable, I had the constant urge and a discomfort from my urethra, and was forced to take it out after 30 minutes and having trouble walking.

    I'm back in my diaper now, and am voiding much slower and usual and still have a cramping pain in my lower abdomen and bladder area. I really don't want to end up at the hospital and miss work tomorrow, so please let me know if any of you have ever experienced this before, and what you did to resolve it.

    Thank you.

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    I know the storyu only to well. There are some of us who just can't tolerate Caths. I also tried them to get rid of the diapers, but in the end diapers are the best solution for me.

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    I have a neurogenic bladder too and a Foley is NOT the best choice of treatment. Far better is an intermittent cath that you insert just long enough to enpty the bladder, then throw it away. I do that about 5 times a day which is enough to stop my bladder from over-filling, and it's stopped daytime leaks almost entirely. If your capacity is only 140-200ml you might need to do it more than 6 times a day. But regular Foley use will shrink your bladder capacity to nearly nothing.

    Also, using no catheter at all and relying just on nappies/pads is even worse, because your bladder cannot drain fully on its own; this means there will always be some stale old pee sitting in there getting infected.

    It also seems to me like you are using a catheter that's too big, which would cause discomfort. Try a size 12, and if you are female and very small, try a 10.

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    when i had my adipex out after surgery i woke up to a Cather and i hate them after the experience it felt like pain and couldn't pee after woulds i donno who put it in maybe a doctor or nurse maybe they thought i couldn't pee but maybe after i left hospital i feal't pain around my private area /also im male / it cane like hell / next time in that situation im just gonna ask for a diaper.

    also get well soon and hopely the pains will go away
    remember if you ever go into the hosiptal ask for a few diapers to take home as long there free

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    There are two main reasons for using a catheter after surgery. First, you're not necessarily mobile enough to get up and pee in the bathroom. Second, because they need to measure output to ensure that everything is functioning normally. I had surgery recently and I was able to get up and use the bathroom okay, but they still insisted that I peed into a measuring jug for the first 24 hours. If you're peeing into a diaper they can't measure it.

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    when i was in hospital they weighed my nappy and could calculate how much i peed
    but they cannot test your pee for problems and it is a lot off messing about for them

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