View Poll Results: How hard is it to go in a diaper in general?

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  • I have a very strong bladder

    12 6.03%
  • I never have worn a diaper before

    2 1.01%
  • My bladder waits until it is full then bursts into a slow stream

    10 5.03%
  • I can go Ok.

    38 19.10%
  • I Pee little drips into my diaper and wet

    7 3.52%
  • I can go easily

    53 26.63%
  • I can pee very easily

    65 32.66%
  • I am incontinent

    12 6.03%
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Thread: How Easily Can You Go In A Diaper

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    Question How Easily Can You Go In A Diaper

    I have been wondering how difficult it is to go in diapers.

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    I can go extremely easily. I just let go.

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    It's usually pretty easy for me, only issues i have is when I'm lying down I have to point 'myself' down to prevent leaks, which is the only time its more difficult.

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    Easy as using the potty.

    I've never understood why it's such an issue with so many people.

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    It's quite easy, its not a problem for me to go in one in really any situation.

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    I usually don't have a problem, even in bed. It's usually a case of mind over matter, or potty training, in this case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soren456 View Post
    Easy as using the potty.

    I've never understood why it's such an issue with so many people.
    Your not used to using diapers at first since you been trained for years to not willing go the the bathroom "on yourself". But after the first few you really get used to it then its like riding a bike. Unless your one of the few that actually don't like using diapers at all.

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