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    Question Free online Counciling

    This website has been amazing. To say the least I have come to the acceptance that I am AB/DL. I can not remember how many times I must have gave away or threw out diapers just to buy them again. I also learned that it is ok to sleep with a plush and have her as a friend.

    With those things said I still don't know if it is healthy for me to keep secrets from my parents. I may be 22 years old but secrets are the last thing to get in the way. I don't mind keeping this private but not from my parents.

    It would be very helpful if I knew of any website that either is reasonably priced or free to be able to talk to some one who can give me advice. If I tell my mother about my baby side I run the risk of losing her in an endless argument of why I need this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MLPPebble View Post
    It would be very helpful if I knew of any website that either is reasonably priced or free to be able to talk to some one who can give me advice.
    Although I've not used online counselling, I would suggest you be very careful as its not unheard of to take advantage of people using counselling as the hook to bring people in.

    From the way you have worded your post I'm guessing you are not looking for advice from people on here so I'll respect that until I hear otherwise.

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    As far as online counseling goes, this site is probably as good as you'll get on the issue at hand. I don't know of any sites, sorry, but you could always try a hotline or something, if you have those in America.

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    You should think long and hard about this.

    Why exactly do you think you need to seek acceptance from your parents, or anyone for that matter? What is unhealthy about keeping your private life private? You're 22 years old, your kinks are none of their business just as theirs are none of yours.

    Just remember, once you tell them, you can't go back and honestly I can't see how telling them could possibly be a positive thing, it will just make them uncomfortable and it's very likely your relationship with them will be forever changed.

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    I wouldn't recommend free online counseling even if you find it. No licensed counselor in their right mind would take the liability risk of providing services over the internet. The ones who are foolhardy enough to try are not the kind of people you want to get psychological counseling from.

    See if there are any crisis hotlines in your area. You don't need to be in an acute crisis to call. I used to work for one which had two local lines (we primarily provided services to our county, though anyone could call) and had a third line in the 1-800-SUICIDE network. In the two years I was there, I got calls for all kinds of things. Some were acute crises like suicide, rape, domestic violence, etc. But others ran the gamut. Some people dealt with bipolarity or chronic pain and called multiple times a month. Some had a relationship issue they just wanted to talk to someone about. One woman even called me because she dealt with Crohn's disease and wanted someone to help her brainstorm ways that she could deal with friends inviting her to cookouts and insisting she eat hamburgers and potato salad all day.

    You won't get COUNSELING per se, but you can certainly get someone who you can just talk to about anything you want.

    One word of caution. Because you won't be talking to a licensed counselor, the quality of the person you're talking to will vary. My office once learned that when one elderly woman was on and took a call about someone who thought they might be gay, she'd work to convince them to repent before god before it's too late and they were condemned to hell. She was severed as soon as the rest of us found out about this, but we have no idea how long she was saying this or to how many people before the woman running the program intervened. If you don't like what you're hearing, hang up and call back another time.

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    I would check with the states Mental Heath Services. If yiu have no health insurance that would be the first place to check.

    As for telling your parents, only can say if you would be able to or not. It would depend on how close you are. Some are understanding others are not. I could never tell mine because I heard what they said about others.

    Like others have said I wouldn't trust any only line counseling.

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    You want someone you are close to, who can sympathize, advise and support. Fair enough. But I really strongly urge you to seek someone around your age who is not your parent. Best would be a girlfriend (seeing that you are straight and male) - but other abdl people would be my second choice. Live meeting would work, or skype - a site like this one lets you get to know people over time, to allow for discovering who has a similar outlook, similar situation, and so forth; then you can trade skype usernames. At your age it's getting awkward to only have parents as your confidantes.

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