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Thread: ebay vintage diapers

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    Thumbs up ebay vintage diapers

    Huge LOT Baby Diapers Various Drypers Wonder Drys Pampers LIL Swimmers 4 16 35 | eBay

    For $30 someone is selling a bunch of vintage diapers on ebay. when I searched for "Drypers" this came up. someone's already bid on it but I'm just letting you know about it for the collectors here. (I would order but I can't)
    It also includes the Muppet diapers which I've seen asked about on here a couple times.

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    Sorry that I'm making such a childish post but I laughed when I saw these are listed as 'Item condition:Used'

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    Looks like a good auction, although it gives the year as "1970's," which is extremely misleading, if not simply false. At a glance, most of these are 90's diapers, with a couple (like the Lil Swimmers) being from the 2000's. Still a good grab for the money, though.

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    On the same topic as vintage diapers... Was actually looking for good deals on some more for myself on eBay before coming back to adisc. There is actually someone selling a bunch of "vintage" attends from 95 I think... I'm pretty sure I've read a thread on here before about those type...

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    I wish I invested in Pampers when I could have done. Mint-condition, unopened packages of plastic-backed Pampers Baby-dry Size 6 from 1998-1999 can sell for upwards of $500 (though most seem to go for $100-$250, usually torn or already-opened). Given a pack might have cost you $10 at the store, that's a 50x return on investment, that's almost as good as buying Apple stock.

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    Is anyone going to buy these? And then share the pics with the rest of the site?

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    Such a cute listing, not for me (unless I could magically fit into them.)

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