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Thread: yeah, whut??? you can't touch us!

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    OMG! Lol, that was awesome.

    The Whole World Love It Like Outkast.

    God, that was epic.

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    The bear was awesome...that video was awesome...FURRIES ARE AWESOME!

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    This video has made my day. Seriously this is my third time watching it...though I think I've seen an animated GIF of the bear break dancing somewhere...

    *adds to bookmarks*

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    yeah, i got tired of the gifs so i just searched "breakdancing bear" who woulda knew??

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    This is pretty awesome. But for some reason, I am craving an animated version of this. I'm not entirely sure why.

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    Jurassic 5 is one of my favorite rap group, they are really ill.

    -The Sun-

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    What the heck. That was great!

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