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Thread: Disposing of diapers....

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    Default Disposing of diapers....

    Ok... question

    Any tips on how to dispose of diapers and have zero "smell leakage"? I am talking about both wet and messy here. I happen to bag at least one or two inside a plastic garbage bag, but the majority of the time the smell seeps through----and by garbage day the smell is VERY noticeable. It's just that sometimes the automated garbage truck pickup system occasionally spills when emptying or doesn't empty all the way...and things inevitably get left behind, therefore stinking more.

    I though about one of those diaper genie things, but I don't think they would fit adult diapers in there...

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    I believe there are some pills you can take that make the smell of urine much much less apparent.
    I don't remember what pill it is though.

    As for the automated garbage thing, I'd say use a heavier bag, and make sure it has a nice twist-tie.

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    I've found putting a bit of Baking Soda in the bottom of the bag you are putting them in helps a whole lot(Learned that from my grandmother;She uses it for all her garbage so the 1 bag she uses all week doesn't smell)

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    You could try using a bucket with a snap-on lid, like the kind you get at Home Depot for paint. I have one, and there's even a rubber gasket. It should hold the smell pretty well. Then you can transfer it to a trash bag when needed.

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    Hmm...I'll have to try that baking soda thing...As for me, I put each diaper in their own little bag, and then all of them in a trashbag...And then I put them in my closet until I'm ready to take them out...I find that they smell a whole lot less in the closet then they did in my drawers...

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    I use zip-loc bags for my diapers. I rarely notice any smells. The baking powder is a good idea too.

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    ziploc bags, and then 2 shopping bags. Works pretty well, though i will have to try the baking soda.

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    I have some proper babywipes in my collection so when I get rid of a diaper I put the wipes I used in the bag along with it. It doesn't stop smell escaping, but it does mean that the smell is less unpleasent. Also, I use two or three bags to minimise the smell leakage. Next time I go out I am planning on getting some zip-loc bags as I have heard LOADS of people recommend those.

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    the baking soda sounds like one heck of an awesome idea, i just used to put them in grocery bags and then into a trashbag, but mine always stink :-p

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    I usually doublebag mine, and I put the bag in an old cardboard box. Even with heavily used diapers this keeps the smell from spreading for at least a few days. If you open the box after some days you can notice the smell inside, but it's not enough to spread around the room.

    I tried a couple of times the wipes idea and it works, as well as spraying some odour neutralizer inside the box from time to time.

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