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    Well, I've been around for a while, not on this site, but on many others.
    I'm from Germany, like the subject says and I guess it tells something about my age (at least to some) to say I connected to the AB/DL community by use of the usenet group back in my second year at university. DPF was still one of the very few websites with ABDL content, you were more likely to come across pictures on BBSes you needed to dial in to with a modem, than on any internet site.
    There are a few (very few) pictures of me circulating on some sites, but none with my face (thankfully, I would hate to see colleagues finding them and recognizing me).
    I'm bisexual, but unlike many think is typical for that, I have only ever had one relationship at any given time. And I am in my current relationship for over 5 years now. However, having fun with a few friends is still nice (within limits).

    I'm more of a DL than an AB.


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    I lived in Germany for five years... it was the first language I learned to read and write, but now I'm trying not to lose it.

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